Nintendo Considering Connecting 3DS to Wii U For Streetpass/Spotpass Updates

Nintendo are heavily considering allowing the 3DS to connect to the Wii U to download Streetpass and Spotpass updates for the handheld system. Furthermore, Nintendo have also said that it would work vice-versa too, where the 3DS could update the Wii U software using the same technology. This process wouldn’t have to be prompted and would be done automatically.

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DA_SHREDDER2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Nintendo seems to be going in the opposite direction i was hoping it would go. All I wanted was Mario in HD, with a real controller instead of the waggle remote, with multimedia device capabilities, and an xbox live type of online(but with its own nintendo theme of course). So far everything is looking quite redundant. Still cant play dvd's, there is gonna be no centralization for the online, and the controller doesn't seem to have all the functionality of a regular xbox/Dual shock 3 controller. From what i hear there are no L3 or R3 buttons, and even if you can use more than one tablet for a controller, they are gonna be expensive as hell. This is the first time in my life that I'm actually worried about a console launch. I really wanted it to be out of this world, but all that seems to me is all that money the Wii made has made Nintendo Wiitarded.

BTW, street pass is sorta cool, but I think Nintendo is putting to much resources and effort into it. Nintendo should be worried about having an online thats gonna be on par with the psn. The Vita looks to already have the 3DS beat when it comes to online functionality. Tis dark times to be a Nintendo fan. I think im better off just buying all the old generation consoles off of craigslist, cause at least i can play games with controller that don't destroy the gameplay

AWBrawler2682d ago


Any way I believe this is a great idea. Imagine the possibilities. I love it when Nintendo is doing their own thing.