‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Video Game Review [Game Rant]

Ben Kendrick of Game Rant: "High Moon Studios returns hot-off the success of ‘Transformers: War for Cybertron’ with the movie tie-in title ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon.’ Is it a fun action shooter for both Transformers and videogame fans alike?"

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Grimhammer002771d ago

I'm curious. If we rated halo 1 after playing halo 2....but still played halo 1 first.
Would we dock a bunch of marks off it's rating?

Im of the skool that a game should be reviewed based on it's merits. Not sorta-sequel failings.
Is it fun? Yes. Does it work as intended & advertised? Yes

Could it have been wfc2 in functionality? Sure.
But it's a good game on it's own.

Only thing this review touched on with real merit was stealth mode being too good.
Doubt I'll own the game when or if it's patched...but it is something if an easy fix if the devs wanted too.

palaeomerus2771d ago

The Transformer Movie games weren't going to be War for Cybertron 2 even if High Moon worked on them. They are their own series with their own mechanics and audience expectations. They are more for 8 year old kids getting a birthday present or being picked up as a weekend rental by Mom.

They AREN'T made for some aging nerds who nostalgically miss the old Marvel/DIC animated series and the G1 versions of the characters.

Cerberus292771d ago

I played thru the single player in a couple of hours, tried a few matches of the multiplayer. Then I went and traded it in and went back to War for Cybertron.