Starhawk Conquers The Competition At E3 2011

"Just over a month ago, LightBox Interactive, formerly Incognito, announced their sequel to the heavily rumored PS3 exclusive, Starhawk. Expanding upon the multiplayer-only experience of Warhawk, Starhawk is set to bring amazingly intense gameplay filled with a plethora of weapons and vehicles to use on the battlefield. As a member of the media, Nick had the opportunity to meet up with Harvard Bonin, Senior Producer of Starhawk, to speak on what Sony Computer Entertainment will be bringing to the market in 2012 and why Starhawk will be the title to eagerly anticipate."

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Nick2120042772d ago

This title surprised me more than any other shown at E3 2011. Starhawk is absolutely amazing and cannot wait till it releases in "vaguetober" 2012 LOL

Dart892772d ago

Is their a specific date for release or just 2012??

Sunhammer2772d ago

Just 2012 for now. I'm gonna guess around spring.

But yeah, the walkthroughs with Dylan Jobe absolutely floored me. Can't wait to see the space reveal.

tmanmushroom2772d ago

I liked how the maps would evolve as a game progressed!

BrothaDave2772d ago

that's a long time to wait, the game looks really good

DGenesis_2772d ago

Wasn't that interested in warhawk but starhawk looks pretty legit.

Dark_king2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Warhawk is a great game.Still plenty of players online and you can find it for cheap.Just don't expect to do any good for awhile it does take time to learn.It is not a game for those that get mad and cry when getting the rears kicked.

PoSTedUP2772d ago

warhawk was my s***, fun addicting etc. included alot of gameplay between the ground and the air imo.

jack_burt0n2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

shame the space reveal got pushed back.

was def best of show imo.

Anderson82772d ago

true stories.. i just wanna battle in space

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The story is too old to be commented.