Nintendo store update: More classic Game Boy for your modern 3DS

Pixelitis writer Patrick Kulikowski gives his weekly round-up of the newest titles offered on the Nintendo eShop, WiiWare and Virtual Console stores.

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CanadianTurtle2732d ago

Pfft...when you use emulators, you feel sorry for the losers who waste money on these games when you get it for free.

ChickeyCantor2732d ago

you mean stealing?
There is a difference you know...

DarkBlood2732d ago

tsk tsk tsk and your canadian like me too i have used emulators but i dont feel sorry for the people u happen to call losers which is uncool

i have payed for games i could of gotten on emulator right now

but im sure your going to come up with a justification for being an ass right now

mcstorm2732d ago

I like what nintendo are doing with the 3DS the market place will have a lot of clasic games in the next 6 months and for me anyway happy memmorys. Plus i got zelda thursday night as it came early and im loving what nintendo have done with the game looks amazing and tje extra added bits to the game make a clasic game even better than the orignal.