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Check out GamerFitNation's Impressions of NeverDead the hero that never dies.

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To be honest the jury's still out on this game for me personally. I see what they are trying to do but Never Dead has a few holes in it's theory. !st I'm told he never died then I see the developer get killed twice while demoing. The he says to me as long as he has a head he doesn't died. At the same time you have to protect this chick and make sure she's o.k. As I said before Holes.

CrzyFooL2679d ago

You can run around as a head, I dig it.


That parts cool, in fact a few things about it is cool, but like I said before the Holes come from The never dying part.

xtheownerzx2679d ago

LOL this game is an oxymoron.

GreasyBacon322679d ago

This game should star Nick Cage.

SovereignSnaKe2679d ago

no worries, if it gets a film deal i'm sure hes at the top of the list! :D


Please tell me you guys are joking