5 Hopes and Dreams for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

The new Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U and 3DS are a long ways off - they're not even really in development yet! That shouldn't stop anyone from fantasizing about what new and awesome heights the series could reach with these new installments.

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jacksonmichael2867d ago

Totally agree with bringing back Saffron City.

SinnedNogara2867d ago

Kongo Jungle and Peach's Castle from Smash 64

LoaMcLoa2867d ago

Just bring in Travis Touchdown and I'll be happy.

Samus HD2867d ago

Just make SAMUS more powerfull (at least balance it with others)
cause in SSBB was one of the weakest (and it is my favourite)

LoaMcLoa2867d ago

Agreed, they made her "knock-out"attacks so much weaker in Brawl. Down(Hold)+A is the only attack that actually can knock out an opponent, atleast with a decent amount of %

StarWolf2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

I dont like the dynamic stages where the fights get interrupted. The random animals that attack you, etc. I think some maps were too plain, like the Mario Sunshine map could have actually been ON the Delfino Plaza island and not some platform. Same with the Animal crossing and Starfox stage. Final Destination is a good fair map but not all maps have to be like it.

I like the big maps, like the Zelda Temple for 2v2 matches but most felt too small and cramped.

Stages are my only complaint. That and imbalances which I know they are fixing.

SinnedNogara2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

The next Smash Bros needs to be faster. Melee was pretty fast, and Brawl was much slower. Not to say Brawl was a bad game, I actually prefer it's extras, characters, and modes over Melee, but Melee has much better physics. Also in need of improvement:

-Event Matches. Brawl innovated with co-op, but Melee had better ones, such as the Trophy Tussles. If they can do some very creative modes similar to some of the challenges in MK9 (in terms of creativity) and DLC Event Matches, that'd be awesome.

-More Modes! Bring Back Board the Platforms, Snag the Trophies, and Race to the Finish.

-More characters. They should limit 5 characters per franchise, Bowser Jr, a new Zelda character (Midna and Wolf Link, Mask Link, doesn't really matter to me) and Mewtwo should make a return, at least as DLC. Little Mac, Starfy, King K. Rool, Dixie Kong, Isaac, Dark Samus (not a clone I hope), more Fire Emblem characters, Mega Man and Bomberman should appear as well.

-Better story mode. I would like to see a bit more variety in terms of plot and chapters. The Subspace Emissary was great, just felt repetitive at some points.

-Online. Give me online co-op, voice chat, leaderboards, chat rooms, DLC, online updates, tournaments, everything wiht no friend codes!

-Variety. Give Ganondorf a magic based moveset (and his sword) and give every character more varied attacks and different Final Smashes. A Tag Team option, which gives you the ability to swap out characters mid battle (similar to MvC, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, MK 2011).

-Stages. Become more creative with stages (Starship Mario, Skyloft, a boxing ring from Punch Out, and Spirit Train from LoZ please). Every new character needs a stage (except R.O.B.) based on his/her franchise. DLC stage packs would be great too, to give us older stages. Oh, and Stage Builder with a WiiU tablet.

Good character creation. Balancing a custom fighter will be tough, but if they could nail that right, this game would be perfect.