The Most Annoying People In The Video Game Industry

The pretty face of Gears of War, Cliffy B only opens his mouth when he’s certain his comments will cause maximum outrage. When he’s not working on the next Gears game, you can usually find Bleszinski busy offending ethnic minorities, the disabled, the Japanese, other developers and pretty much anyone else that strays into his field of vision.

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rabidpancakeburglar2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

lol the cricket noises at kazuo was hilarious.

digitalscrutiny2772d ago

Yeah, I'm amazed now one has ever made a remix of the ridge racer incident.

EVILDEAD3602772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

THANK YOU RABID for the Ridge Racer link..



GrieverSoul2772d ago

Cliff is just wayyyy to cocky. His ego is way up there. If he had a more humble way of being he would get much more "love". :)

Kojima is a case of bad translation. People often quote his japanese twitter in the wrong sense. That case being the article of the cell not having enough power to support MGS4. Uncharted proved the bar could go higher than MGS.

One character that is missing is David Jaffe. He is a great developer like Cliff but his abuse of the F word is just a case of another imature adult who tries to act like a grown up. Just like Cliff.

All of them are great developers none the less and I really admire their work. Some of them I just cant seem to like. But its their games I really enjoy, not them. So it doesn bother me much.

vishant1012772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Ridge Racer!

Btw remix was sweet

malamdra2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

the problem with the Fable guy is not really his fault, MS likes to present him like some kind of visionary and its main creative force

but the guy is just a middleweight at best (with lots of resources) it's not his fault that be believed all the false accolades he received from MS over the years (this is a guy who only realises that he failed to make a Kinect core game after people tell him so, and not during developement, and that's because he's surrounded by yes-men)

Pachter is an idiot and should be on that list, he's the Rush Limbaugh of videogames

Cliff comes off like a douche but he's talented, no doubt, the same for Jaffe who appears to be too arrogant even if created God of War and Twisted Metal, but they're OK, nothing to get upset about

Kaz is such a nice guy and doesn't deserve to be on the list

Kojima, like Molinoux, has a little problem with the praises he got, but unlike Peter, most of the them were for real reasons, but he has trouble separating two things: he's a brilliant game developer, great character creator/designer but a mediocre storyteller, but because of the accolades he has come to believe that everything he does is gold, and in part is because of bad gaming journalism

more devs should follow the Naughty Dogs guys' example: the just come out, mention some of the features and let the games speak for themselves

MintBerryCrunch2772d ago

i honestly dont have a problem with anything that Kojima said...everything he said was related to gaming

Clifford on the other about trying too hard...

stick to making games Clifford...being a comedian is not in your future

kaveti66162772d ago

it makes sense what he was saying about betas.

there's a level of sacrifice involved with being a beta tester. you want to enjoy the game from the point of view of a gamer, and you don't want any of the fun surprises of the game to be spoiled for you beforehand.

maddfoxx2772d ago

I don't think Kazuo Hirai should be on this list. He really isn't that annoying. As for everyone else. Yeah, they're pretty annoying.

kaveti66162772d ago

agreed. he said one or two things 6 years ago and since then he hasn't said anything controversial or annoying at all. he certainly hasn't been consistently annoying.

Quagmire2772d ago

Pachter? Why isnt he listed?

Bathyj2772d ago

Even thou he'd tell you different i dont think he's actually in the gaming industry anymore than you or i are.

blackburn102772d ago

Cliffy is like some people I know. They are always talking and when they make jokes it is usually about someone else. They can never just joke around without insulting or poking fun at someone. And then when you get mad, the person or the people that support them will say 'what's wrong. Can't you take a joke'.

But if you do the same to them they get all pissy.I am sure if someone at Sony or anyone else went on and on constantly cracking jokes about his games or about him he wouldn't take it as a joke or think it funny. He thinks because he made a few dumb games that he suddenly this almighty developer or something.In my opinion, he's an idiot. The fact that Gears sold well doesn't change that fact.

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