Origin: The Start of Something New or the Death of EA on PC?

Will EA's Origin download client be the beginning of a new era in PC gaming, or will it turn away PC gamers from EA published titles? Eric Galaviz analyzes the situation, and gives his take on why gamers are wrong to boycott EA's new service.

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Jamesmanguyperson2867d ago

I'm not the biggest fan of how EA handles some of it's properties, but as long as they keep releasing high quality games (like the ones you mentioned) I'll continue to buy em..

theherp802867d ago

yep. sometimes they screw some franchises up but right now they are on fire. they've published some great games in the last few years.

admiralvic2867d ago

After all the crap with the passes... I would believe anything really.

dwightmccarthy2867d ago

Hard to trust ea as a pc gamer because of what they did with drm.

rrquinta2867d ago

Yeah I don't trust EA, but I wouldn't automatically dismiss Origin yet.

ncstatefan9532867d ago

I don't know what to think

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