E3 2011: Journey Hands-On Preview (

Thatgamecompany have become one of the most prolific creators in the downloadable space. Their first two projects, flOw and Flower, received widespread critical acclaim for tapping into emotions not typically explored in gaming. The small team from the University of Southern California's Interactive Media Program have become a great example of creativity flourishing through digital distribution. Their latest title, Journey, appears to continue that trend.

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ShawnCollier2733d ago

The art style sure is striking.

JDouglasGU2733d ago

it's the little things like watching the sand flow with your momentum that really grabs me.

Anderson82733d ago

yea, the detail in this game is great..i'll definitely be grabbing it

mephman2733d ago

I think it's great that they manage to keep coming up with new concepts like this.

Hardedge2733d ago

I've always wondered what this game was actually about. It sounds pretty nifty.