You will be able to make phone calls with the PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita is a very powerful device, the only option for people missing is that for calling and sending text messages. For this first feature Sony seems to have been a solution.

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iamnsuperman2705d ago

Nice but I wonder what Microsoft is going to do to skype. Skype is great but it doesn't make any money to become profitable. I hope it stay free

extermin8or2705d ago

might add adverts I guess (hope)

Kingsora2705d ago

I am quite sure they already make a lot of money with Skype. Making it a service to pay would be kind of stupid. Then people will just start using other options to chat and make video calls

extermin8or2705d ago

hmmm and with the front camera might be able to use the video chat features :D

StbI9902705d ago

Good luck putting this down on the pocket ;)

I´m sure as hell wouldn´t like these piano black end to get a scratch of any kind, fck would kill myself if.

VampiricDragon2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

skype isnt making a phone call.

Its seeing if someone else is on the same program and talking.

You cant take messages or anything

If anything its like talking to someone through psn

@ below

exactly. Which makes this less than ideal. if you already own a phone. Its basically a non feature.

Kingsora2705d ago

You can also call to normal numbers, you have to pay then though.

Parapraxis2705d ago

And if you don't own a phone (like myself) it makes it a huge feature.

Kon2705d ago

You don't own a phone? The heck?

radphil2705d ago

Gotta love the people on this site. Flat out 11 disagrees, and only 2 responses.

As far as skype is though, like the person said above, you can make calls, but you have to pay for each one. At the same time though, the op is right in the sense that the free aspect behind it, is basically voice chat.

Deadman_Senji2705d ago

Because your information is wrong. You can call anybody with skype. I've done it before, landline and mobile phone alike.

radphil2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I just said you can make calls with the thing.. >_>

It's the OP that was ill-informed, but also correct at the same time. He only knew 1/2 the information.

What I was getting at, was the fact that only 2 people responded to correct, yet 12 took the time to just say "I disagree" and move on, not saying WHY.

Just_The_Truth2705d ago

hater much i guess you didn't know you can get unlimited cell phone and landline calls through skype along with texting,voice mail etc and it's super cheap check the website.

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MoveTheGlow2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

All I can think of at the moment is holding up the NGage like a taco-phone, but if it's video or headset chat, that's pretty cool. Considering it's all Skype-ified, that's probably more of the idea. Which is awesome. And weird, since MS owns Skype, as Superman pointed out above.

But hey, if MS brings Skype to Sony, and Sony sells Blu-Ray to MS next generation, we'll have ourselves a strategic yet fractured partnership! Weird!

Thecraft19892705d ago

Nothing weird about it MS and Sony already do a lot together on the PC side of things MS advertise windows in sony laptops.

Its just business just because there competitors dose not mean there arch enemies

Colmshan19902705d ago

You wouldn't have to hold it up.
I can talk through the headphones attached to my PSP, so I;d expect something similar in this case too.

CaptCalvin2705d ago

you wouldn't have to hold it up to ur face or anything. just talk as if ur video chatting on a computer.

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