Square Enix: “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fixes Issues And Complaints from XIII” – We Hold Our Breath

Joel Taveras writes, "When you entered the Square Enix booth at E3, the one title that had what seemed like crowds surrounding it the entire week was Final Fantasy XIII-2. And rightfully so as many had mixed feelings and emotions after playing through (or even some) of it’s predecessor and wanted to see what would be changed for the second go around. With this sequel Squeenix is hoping to address issues and concerns form the first one, the most prominent being the breaking away from a linear path. Have the WRPG’s won? Take a look at the interview below and find out for yourself."

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rabidpancakeburglar2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Well that's good but unlike the majority I actually like XIII, so this is just a bonus.

Only at certain points but I'm not a rager so I could handle it without complaining to internet people. The story was good so it was easy to stick at it. The only complaint I had about the game was the slow introduction of full combat.

JoelT2732d ago

Really? The linearity of it all didn't bother you?

Chadness2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I agree with rabidpancakeburglar, actually. I enjoyed FFXIII for what it was - it carried you along as it told a story. That's how it was designed and people didn't get that. The linearity worked WITH the story. The characters were running for their lives, how often can you take a side path to talk to some dudes or to hit up a town and stay at an inn overnight when you're being chased relentlessly by the enemy?

It wouldn't have worked without the linearity, IMO, and that's what I liked about it.

iamtehpwn2732d ago

It's easy to enjoy the game as long as you don't expect the gameplay and story to be the extraordinary adventure that I-X were, and simply see it as some other JRPG.

SuperLupe2732d ago

As for me it wasnt that linearity that bothered me. I was planning on elder scrolls kind of game since this is Final Fantasy.

What bothered me was the crappy story. None of that forced drama moved me even a sec.

Eamon2732d ago

The story wasn't that great to be honest.

I played about 28 hours. I had already given up on the gameplay and was hoping that the story would drive me to continue but it didn't.

It started getting interesting with the introduction of the concept about how Fal'Cie consider humans as pets and that there's a bigger conflict going on behind the scenes between the Fal'Cie of Cocoon and Pulse and part of it had to do with meeting The Maker (who I believe was never revealed).

But the whole running away story was really lame.

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Keith Olbermann2732d ago

Not true! I still see whining protagonists and females with gut wrenching high anime voices….

Deadman_Senji2732d ago

Whining where? What are you talking about?

Keith Olbermann2732d ago


See above picture...thats just a small taste of the miserable pie baby.

bangoskank2732d ago

This is why I still refuse to play it. I'm tired of the overly flamboyant and androgynous characters in these games. Aside from Van, I prefer the character design and voice acting from FFXII. Personally I'd prefer no voice acting at all. Some of the best RPGs used pantomime to express the characters emotions.

PaPa-Slam2732d ago

Developer: We will make next game better than the last one.

Who knew?

ShinnokDrako2732d ago

Well... same bars, same "sentinel - commando - etc", same... everything... no thanks, they're not going to get my 70 euros =P i pass...

femshep2732d ago

i had none but then again im also not a ff7 fangirl i love every ff

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