Shadows of the Damned Roundtable Revelations

XMNR: Shadows of the Damned hits the PS3 and Xbox 360 next week and we were able to sit in on a recent roundtable interview with two of the game’s producers, Joel Wade and Steve Matulac from Electronic Arts. When we weren’t getting knocked off the phone by an Atlanta late summer afternoon thunderstorm, we got to learn a little more about what makes this insane demonic shooter tick.

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Croash3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

"Suda already has ideas for a sequel but we’ll have to wait and see how Shadows of the Damned performs with gamers before that happens though."

He must have loved creating this new world then. I wonder if that nightmare team would still work together should a sequel get the green light.

Anyway, I can't wait to try this game, I think a demo is coming soon. At least I know that even if it's not a perfect game, there are enough things to enjoy to make it an instant classic and a worthy game to possess.

Everything Suda touches ends up being unique, everything Mikami creates ends up being exquisite and everything Yamaoka does is immersing.

What more could I want?

LoaMcLoa3548d ago

Don't know about Akira, but it has been confirmed that Suda and Mikami will be working togheter again for another project! :) Me like