Video Game Revolution - Spicing Up Gaming Cliches

Have you ever had an experience in a video game when you see something that you've seen in pretty much every other video game ever? We've all seen video game clichés, many of us are plain sick of them and surely we’re long overdue for a change

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GregoryAllen2684d ago

My favorite idea from this article is the imploding barrels. that could be really cool.

tomragan2684d ago

Hehe, some interesting ideas here - and yes, some things in games are soooo done now, I hope devs read this and start getting more creative. :P

DangerousDanMcGrew2684d ago

Perhaps multi coloured barrels are the solution, each of which inflicts different effects? Green barrels, for example, could spray tidal waves of mucus around the gaming environment while Pink and Yellow Spotted Barrels could convent everyone into english tv favourite Mr Blobby.

pungello882684d ago

I love that idea, but red barrels need to stay as well

GetoverHere1222684d ago

hahaha @ imploding barrels.

Cwalk8162684d ago

I'm not sure if I'd want to play as someones mom running around saving the world lol.

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