TGV @ E3: Tomb Raider Impressions

Forget everything you knew about Tomb Raider and her hold-no-prisoners attitude as Zack dives into the upcoming rebooth to the franchise, featuring a young, 21-year old Lara Croft caught in a cesspool of danger.

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Sidology2732d ago

Tomb Raider's grown up.

Jack-Dangerously2732d ago

That is a good way of putting it. I agree.

AP2732d ago

Hopefully they still have lots of puzzles and stuff. Don't go too actiony!

Karuto2732d ago

The guy demoing the game promised a lot of different and unique puzzles to keep fans happy. =)

Karuto2732d ago

I have not played Tomb Raider since Tomb Raider 2, and even I was really awestruck by what I witnessed. You'd have to see the second part of the demo not shown at the press conferences to know what I mean.