IGN gives 2.1/10 to You Are Empty - We wish the game box had been empty

What exactly Digital Spray was hoping to accomplish with You Are Empty is anyone's guess. It's like Serious Sam and Painkiller purged of all their entertaining bits and Doom-era progression structure pressed on top of it all. You get key retrieval sequences, monster closets where you can actually see the monsters pop into existence, poor shooting mechanics, and a perplexingly limited assortment of weaponry. There's nothing exciting or satisfying about it.

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ChaosKnight4868d ago

Why does this game look a lot better than what they rated it? =P

vilmer4868d ago

I love these pathetically low reviews. Makes me want to play the game even more :P

Skerj4868d ago

Someone had to realize along development that this wasn't a good idea.

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