First Look: Resistance 3 – Campaign Demo (Lens of Truth)

Lens of Truth writes - "In this First Look we bring you the Resistance 3 Campaign Demo. The demo was released June 14 inside of the Battle: Los Angeles Blu Ray. The demo takes place exclusively on a boat eerily similar to the Orca, from the movie Jaws. Not to worry, although on a boat, the demo introduces a good number of weapons and enemy types to use them on. Resistance 3 will be released on September 6 of this year in North America."

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Tempjf2863d ago

Can't wait to get this game. Played the last two and the story is actually really good.

omi25p2863d ago

I hope they release the demo for eveyone, Because at the moment im not buying it

Joe Bomb2863d ago

Yeah, they can keep Battle LA, what a terrible movie.

Bigbangbing2863d ago

I played it and believe me this demo won't change your mind.. in fact, it will drive people away, it's just one of those negative demos (old build, some framerate issues, and I think it's running at sub-HD res..)

hopefully they'll release a public demo from the final build of the game, with an open section instead of this one.

beavis4play2863d ago haters sure are hard to please.

Bigbangbing2863d ago

Yeah sure I'm just a hater.. :/

theIMP2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

@ nbnt
Don't you know that unless you bow down and take Sony in your mouth you’re a hater.
This is N4G you are not allowed to have an opinion about anything Sony unless it's "Wow it's the best ever", or MS unless it's "Wow MS sucks". So please take your honest opinion somewhere else. It's not wanted here.

/S <--(just in case)

beavis4play2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

first, ANY demo i get of a game i don't bit#h about. they don't have to give us anything. second - i liked it ( and not because it's a sony game, imp - you boob!) i like it because it's getting back to being more like game1 than 2. agree that an open section demo would be awesome - but this one being on a boat didn't lessen my interest or desire for the game.
and, yea - hater is the right word here. too many people complain about everything. battle:la was a fun watch.....not a classic; but, that doesn't mean it sucked. and your negative description of this demo is too extreme.

there's too much hate on the internet - it gets old.

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TheMrMadzen2863d ago

The demo is a 3 months old build.
It's gonna looks eve better(quite amazing) in retail form

WetN00dle692863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Anyone tried the latest demo? I hope its better than the boat one. Dont get me wrong the game looks and plays great its just that you dont have enough freedom in the boat stage. And well it was a bit of a let down.

TheMrMadzen2863d ago

I tried the boat level. It's amazing and much more fast-paced, when you play it yourself

beavis4play2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

i liked it too, madden. i'm loving the redesign on the weapon wheel and the fire rounds in the shotgun. also love the look of the game.
i don't get the hate from these people- oh, doesn't affect me. i've already preordered to get the fuel grenades - awesome weapon!!

telekineticmantis2863d ago

very impressive besides multiP, but this and the other demo was...

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