How John Carpenter Inadvertently Reinvented Gaming

GP blogger, DoctorStrangeLove writes, "Its tough to say, but mainstream games in the late 80's were getting kind of bland. The market was ruled by side scrolling platform games presented by cartoony mascots the kids would love. Once the 90's rolled around game developers knew they would have to step it up into the attitude era. Sure, they could have been completely original and worked entirely on new ideas... But why do that when there's a treasure trove of nostalgic movies from the 80's that are just old enough for people to not associate with your new games! And boy did they choose some good movies to base these games off of. Hold on to your hats, because we're going to talk about John Carpenter today! (And Kurt Russell too. See, I said I would make this work)"

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"DoctorStrangeLove: Other than everything, I see no similarities."

I concur.