Killzone 3 ‘From The Ashes’ Map Pack Launches Next Week

EU PS Blog writes:
"Today we’re offering a first look at two new maps from the upcoming DLC map pack for Killzone 3, ‘From The Ashes’. Consisting of two Guerrilla Warfare maps and two Warzone maps, ‘From The Ashes’ will reinvigorate your Killzone 3 online experience with environments both fresh and familiar"

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Dart893647d ago

Been to caught up in BFBC2 in the past weeks think i'll give this game a spin later on today.

Focker4203647d ago

Ya I haven't played in a while either, I'll probably jump on tonight as well.

As far as the new maps the two they showed looked beautiful as always and I'll definitely be picking them up. I wonder where the other two are located?

Wh15ky3647d ago

"Radec and Tharsis. :)"

I'd be up for that but my guess is we'll be getting a warzone version of Kaznan Jungle and a guerilla warfare version of either Corinth Crossing, Mawlr Graveyard or Turbine Concourse SE-6. It's about time we got more Operations maps though.

DoomeDx3647d ago

^Its already confirmed to be radec and tharsis.

Look at your trophies :) The DLC is already there if you have the 1.09 patch

Wh15ky3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

@ DoomeDx

Wow, I didn't realise that. I play KZ3 alot but rarely look at my trophies. I can't believe there hasn't been a big deal made about this. Looking forward to it now.

After all the patches up until now there are still two issues I have with KZ3 -

1. Faction balancing.


2. The maps. They are not in the same league as KZ2s maps. MAWLR graveyard and Phyrus Crater are awful. Akmir Snowdrift is only good with small numbers. Corinth Highway, Bilgarsk Boulevard and Turbine Concourse SE-6 are OK, Salamun Market, Stahl Arms and Frozen Dam are great. Tharsis Depot and Radec Academy makes at least 2 more great maps though.

If Guerilla just fix the faction balancing next then we will have a truely great game.

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Silly gameAr3647d ago

$4.99 for 4 maps is a pretty good deal, and based on these vids they're going to be awesome maps. They finally added custom soundtracks to the MP so perfect timing to me.

Redempteur3647d ago

custom soundtrack to the MP is back ?
did you try it ? it's confirmed ? that info might be the trigger that make me back at killzone

Evildoomnerd3647d ago

Custom Soundtrack is back, it just needs to be enabled in the audio settings in the KZ3 menu. The only catch is you can't voice chat with your faction.

Silly gameAr3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

@Redempteur Yes it works, but like Evildoomnerd said it disables the chat function. That's ok though. I wouldn't want to blast my music and piss off the other players lol.

Redempteur3647d ago

quick question :

you can't chat with your teammate but you can still hear them , right ?

or is the voice chat totally disabled ?

mayberry3647d ago

these maps look great! love this game!

FunAndGun3647d ago

OMG.... I am addicted to the chirp sound when you kill someone! Love it!!

TheCampfireSong3647d ago

On top of that if you want to purchase all 8 maps, it's going to cost $9.99. Freaken good deal

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