PS3 Review - 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' Escalation Map Pack

The short answer is: Fans should stay current this time around. With new multiplayer maps like Zoo alone, the map pack is worth the reasonable expense. Sure, it's just a map — just several maps — but if you play all the time, and many of you do, it's well worth the cost to keep your map library up to date.

If you play Black Ops online all the time, day and night, night and day, there's no question: Buy the maps. For the casual online player, will this map pack bring you back? Probably not. Should it bring you back? No. There's nothing here to keep this game going unless it's already near your top pick in current online shooters.

The inclusion of four new multiplayer maps and a zombie map frankly don't do anything for the game that weren't done when you first opened the box last November, but that's not a bad thing. If you're avid about Call of Duty: Black Ops, there's nothing to complain about, even at roughly three bucks a map. If you've already put away the game in favor of...

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wiis2682d ago

ahhh not worth it...

-Alpha2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I like this map pack. Good maps.

Criticisms include lack of trophies for competitive maps and lack of size variety (all maps are medium)

$15 is also a bit demanding. I got mine free though. I'm not a dedicated enough fan to pay $15 for it

Grave2682d ago

I hope they never have competitive trophies in DLC. The default MP ones sucked enough. I only play zombies though so I am happy with it.

-Alpha2682d ago

They didn't have default MP trophies.

I like the DLC trophies-- they aren't forced for platinums and they also add a bit of fun. Killzone does it well without ruining the game IMO.

Grave2682d ago

Actually, there was two trophies that required you to play competitive multiplayer: In The Money and Date Night.

"In The Money" - Finish 5 Wager Matches 'in the money'.

"Date Night" - Watch a film clip with a friend.

In the money REALLY sucked because to even attempt it you had to play online to get points to wager to even try for In The Money. It took me a whole day cuz I kept losing and had to keep going back to play the cruddy MP to get points to wager. It was terrible.

Both of these trophies were required to plat the game.

Grave2682d ago

Best zombie map so far. I always compared my entertainment to going out to the movies. $15 for a 2 hour show, drink and popcorn. Already played Call of the Dead for probably 15 hours. So instead of $7.50 and hour I am getting $1 hour if I stopped playing the map, but I know I'll play it a lot more. Totally worth it to me.

Blacktric2682d ago

It's nice to see that at least some people on N4G are using their logic instead of blindly attacking to 15 dollar price tag of every Call Of Duty map pack.