GameFront E3: XCOM Returns in a New Guise

GameFront, "As a fan of strategy games, I wasn’t thrilled when 2K Games appeared at E3 2010 with a version of the classic XCOM franchise that seemed to reinvent it a straight-ahead FPS game. Nor, it seemed, were many other people. To their credit, 2K Marin went back to the drawing board and returned to E3 2011 reinvigorated, presenting a reworked version of the game that hewed more closely to the series’ tactical roots."

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DrFUD2707d ago

Quick question.
EA or 2K for shooters...
Who's better and why?

I'm thinking 2K because Duke Nukem Forever!
FU haters

Kon2707d ago

EA is leaps and bounds ahead of 2k