Face it, it's way too early to judge the WiiU

The WiiU was unveiled about a week and half ago and those were only the preliminary details. We know the system isn't coming out for another year and a half. So, isn't it way too early to judge the WiiU?

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DarkCharizard_2681d ago

Yup. Even the freaking hardware is not final!

dubal-e2681d ago

its way too many haters on this site of the system. Just hating for no reason.

SilentNegotiator2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Well, there are a few things that can be said from what we DO know.

For one, there is no way in this universe that WiiU can replicate Wii's success. They've loaded it up with convoluted gimmicks (touchscreen, camera, Wiimote compatibility, touchscreen gameplay, etc) - the customers will not understand what the WiiU's focus is no matter what Nintendo's marketing team does. They have decided to make what will inevitably be a more expensive HD console; but what do the most successful consoles of the last 2 gens been? The least expensive and least powerful ones.

Two, Nintendo is late to the party. No one associates the Wii with core/hardcore titles like Batman and Battlefield. But now, they've arrived with those types of games being its main focus at this time. These hard/core gamers don't care about Nintendo. And these games, which are launching THIS year on the current HD consoles, will obviously be late on the WiiU with its 2012 launch.

Three, exclusive Lego-parody GTA? LOL WUT

"Yup. Even the freaking hardware is not final!"
That is an assumption. They have already struck a deal with the companies who will be making their hardware. And they have already displayed tech demos and had journalists play it. Just because they haven't announced the hardware is specifics, doesn't mean that Nintendo hasn't finished figuring out the important parts of the hardware.

You're the one who has praised up the WiiU's GPU, which all we know of is the brand/series and that it will probably be its own SKU. You've eaten up the "50% more powerful" stuff and claimed that the GPU that the WiiU will be using is going to be akin to the high end card in the series that it's from.

erasure2422681d ago

You are a moron. You sound like a scared little fanboy in your rant. Most hardcore gamers grew up on Nintendo.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that even the most hardcore gamers have respect for Nintendo and games like Zelda, Metroid and Mario. As a matter of fact you would not be playing games now if Nintendo hadnt revived and reinvented the market with the NES...

Also, Batman not associated with Nintendo? I was playing Sunsoft's kickass Batman game back on the original NES while you were probably still in diapers drooling all over your big brothers Gameboy system...

ThePsychoGamer2681d ago

Face it, it was way to early for Nintendo to reveal the console. If they had nothing ready then they should have waited for TGS, and show it with stuff to actually get us excited.