Power A: Controllers Are Not Going Away

Batman's arsenal of weaponry and high-tech toys is massive. The utility belt houses bat smoke grenades, the grapple gun, Bat-tracers, Bat-cuffs, and, the most iconic of all his tools, the Batarang. Later this year, Power A is set to please Batman fans with a specially designed controller.

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BlmThug2682d ago

Of Course They Are Not. Only Idiots Like Pachter Would Say They Are

GregoryAllen2682d ago

Yea i've owned a Wii since day one and i've never enjoyed the motion controls.

GetoverHere1222682d ago

ME want batman control *walks like mindless zombie to nearest gamespot*

tomragan2682d ago

I'm not a huge motion control fan, I still love my controllers, I think it depends what you grew up with perhaps?

blackhrt862682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I think its also an accessibility thing. If you aren't a core gamer who is already comfortable with a controller with 32 buttons and 6 analog sticks, then just waving your hand to bowl a strike in wii sports is right... up... your... alley.... I did not mean to make that pun....

blackhrt862682d ago

Controllers are a staple of the medium. It would take more than this fad of motion controls to kill them off.