Xbox 360 Guitar Heroes III Number 1 on USA Sales charts

Once Again, VGChartz has updated its sales charts for the week ending on October 27th. Surprise, Surprise!! Guitar Hero III finds its self at the top of the charts lead by the Xbox 360 version with 166,041 units sold. Wii version of GHIII find its self at 7th place with 52,691 units sold. GHIII for the Playstation 2 comes in at a moderate 12 place with 42,017 units sold and finally the Playstation 3 version with 36,081 units.

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shmee4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

43k from 23k last week

the 40gig will see PS3 sales past 100k mark easily

wii has taken back the lead. BUt great sales for X360 too atleast in NA

@evil angel

Ratchet came out on the 23rd(limited release) and was not available everywhere until the 30th (TODAY) .

This is also VGCHARTS sales figures . keep that in mind. VG changes sales stats almost regularly

we all know u EVIL ANGEL = ROUND PEG = POWER OF F**

expect same numbers for Ratchet next week since it is now available at all retailers


u are the only G** BOT in the forum. There are only few bots in here and u are one of them. each XBOT has to create many accounts to match the ps3 fans in here

Evil0Angel4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

R&C only 90k ??????????
(Vchart again)

[email protected]: i am not (the round pig) or (power og green)
i am ALI-G(changed it to EVIL ANGLE in sep and left that account)
i have only one account.i do not post comment(with 1 account) and agree with it (with another account.

Nuch Vader4868d ago

There's only one Playstation 3 fan and that's Nazim. And all the other diehard PS3fanboys you see posting on this site? They are all nazim. He just keeps opening multiple accounts to make it same as though there's a large PS3 fan base.

ruibing4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

I also find it hard to believe that vgchartz is listing R&C as only 97k to date while Ace Combat 6 has 110k. Since when did Ace Combat 6 become such a big thing here in the states? I hardly ever hear anyone around here (this site even) talk about it, usually its all Mass Effect for the 360.

wageslave4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )


" R&C as only 97k to date while Ace Combat 6 has 110k. Since when did Ace Combat 6 become such a big thing here in the states? "

Uhm, you *do* know that the Xbox 360 outnumbers the PS3 by almost 3:1 worldwide, and in N.America, by roughly 4:1.

That R&C sold 97k on 2M PS3's is pretty good. AC6 is a moderate-to-low seller.

Xbox 360 owners by far more games per year, and, there are vastly more of them.

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ichimaru4868d ago

this thread is about gh3

Milkman5414868d ago

Only 90K+ kinda scares me...that needs to stay at that mark for at least a couple of weeks...

Dannagar4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

If you follow the charts, next week R&C will likely sell about 40k - 50k. However it should sell about 300k total. Although Heavenly Sword only ended up selling 220k units to date.

shmee4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

HS would be selling very well during the holidays too

dont discount the holidays champ

HS has sold around 300 k in NA ....It will keep selling very strong during XMAS worldwide. I predict 2m for HS in its lifetime

@person below

HALo 3 is also bundled in across EUROPE>

HS was no 1 in Australia,Spain,France and Germany during its launch week.

It outsells Halo 3 all over EUROPE except UK . even in UK ps3 sells more than x360

In EU it is either ps3/wii/ps2/psp ...x360 doesnt even exist there. same goes to Japan

Dannagar4868d ago

Heavenly Sword was used as a Pack-In in Europe and it counts as units sold. It doesn't mean that the consumer actually went out and purchased HS.

Nuch Vader4868d ago

Halo 3 continues to do well. I see it sold 142k. I was hoping Ace Combat 6 would have done better but 111k isn't anything to cry about.

Nuch Vader4868d ago

WarHawk has only sold 200k to date.

DrPirate4868d ago

Not counting the DL Version