Call Of Duty 4: 16 Players For Xbox 360 Rumour Debunked

"Both versions, Xbox 360 and PS3 have the same number of players.
They both have 16 players max, except on Ground War gametype which has 18 players max. On BOTH consoles." - IW

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Evil0Angel5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )


i was at the other section (16player 4 xbox/18 4 PS3),i saw all the comments made by sony girls(cell+rsx+BR) and cannot wait for them to see this news


".......We live in a world of irony......."

EDIT:@1.2: i will give u hand to take the bubbles from this Racist B*stard

Meus Renaissance5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

I made a simple mistake and apologised. Meus is also just human. Yeah its a little embarrassing but you win some; you lose some :)

Meus Renaissance5199d ago

Why lie about something like that you idiot? I can't believe some people even agreed with you.

P.S. I'm also black. Go make another account.

C_SoL5198d ago

no one got owned big time....the same guy posted it so why does it matter...its 1 fu<kin mistake, get over it....its just two more people in multiplayer...big fu<kin whoopy-do.....Meus Renaissance, ur a racist fu<k.....thats just low man....but what hell, ur sorry & evil0di<khead go suck on your moms di<k...we don't wanna hear your fanboyism.....

AngryTypingGuy5198d ago

@LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL - Dude, if you accused him of saying that and you knew full well that it's a bold faced lie, that is seriously not cool.

By the way, I understand that you are a 360 fanboy. Same here, I love my 360, and probably won't be getting a PS3, unless the 360 one day stops making games I want to play faster than I can beat them. However, it's best to not be so blatantly biased. We both know that the PS3 isn't a piece of junk, just like the 360 and Wii.

If you tried to argue with facts to support your opinion, and be willing to recognize that all of the consoles have strengths and weaknesses, then you'd have more than one bubble.

mesh15198d ago

REMOVE BUBBLES FROM MEUS HE STARTED TH ERUMOPR and check his post he is a avid sony driods 1 of the reason this site is called news for sony

mesh15198d ago

meus u better shut up with ur fake being blackk tlel me were u from then im origanaly from nigeria born in the uk and ye sim black and yes ur not u stated ur black shows ur racist jas kno 1 will realy know i can pruodly say im black get mote girls than u every day all knight but stilll love games and h8 sonyfanboys lies thus i stumbled on this site as long this site is bias towards 360 i will be here when it goes im gone ps shut ur mouth ur black u dont deserve o be such a honourable ppl u

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Meus Renaissance5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

My sincerest apologies to all Xbox 360 owners who might have been upset by the news I submitted earlier. It wasn't some sort of attempt by me; it was genuine. I noticed the PS3 supported 18 players from the game shots yet information for the 360 version of game - even from the Xbox site - said it was only 16 players, aswell as other sources.

I did not have access to the COD4 forums but I later did and updated my original story 15 minutes ago telling people of this. I had my doubts and wanted to go back to my original story to categorise it as a rumour but it was already approved and all I could do was just post "updates" under it.

18 support for everyone!

Also, I'd like to extend my apologies to those over keen PS3 owners who were waiting for news of something to be "proud about". You'll get that soon enough.

Salvadore5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

Stupid fanboys on this site that turned it into a flame fest.

Zhuk5199d ago

I dont think you dont get it Meus.

Xbox 360 owners were not upset because they thought they weren't getting something PS3 owners were, but because your evidence was shaky at best and ill informed.

I personally am very upset because you posted a news item which YOU authored and you made claims that were not backed up by sufficient evidence. Your sourcing was a screenshot of a game package and the xbox website, if you spent another 30 minutes tops you would have found out that there was a game mode that was for 18 players.

I found this to be extremely oppurtunistic and conducted in the sort of fashion which hurts N4Gs credibility.

I am glad you made an apology and you have some of my respect back

H-V-H5199d ago

"I personally am very upset"


Meus Renaissance5199d ago

The evidence was not 100% yes I know. But I already said that my mistake was forgetting to categorise it as a Rumour. Thing is, as soon as I posted one comment, I realised this - so I tried to edit but it was already approved so fast!

So I couldn't change it. I did author the description, I don't think there's anything wrong with that particularly as there was no textual source but only images.

For note: I practically know nothing about the game, especially this hidden 18 player support. This number was actually not stated in any post I found when researching the game. I had no access to the COD4 forums even though I signed up to find out; my browser wasn't connecting to hotmail properly and I couldn't therefore confirm my registration and thus search those forums. So I looked to Google and only saw the 18 player support for PS3 - not Xbox. I was shocked, I even went to the Xbox site, TeamXbox, anything I could use to confirm to myself let alone others.

Like I said, I'm sorry I wanted to post it as a rumour but I forget the little sub options when submitting stories on N4G.

kevin11225199d ago

zhuk, i dont see you complaining when roung peg/ bloodmask/power of green do the same thing and much more frequently.

mighty_douche5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

got egg on their face...

Meus dont worry about it dude, some one will post some sort of 'comparison' tomorrow and all will be forgot.

at least you admitt your mistake, that whats important.

Bonsai12145199d ago

don't worry. the evidence seen pointed towards one conclusion and you took it.

back of official game box says 18 players
offical 360 website says 16 players.

anyone can draw conclusions from that.

Proxy5199d ago

your welcome

(damage control for someone man enough to appologise)

TheExecutive5199d ago

Bubble for owning up to a mistake.

SlappyMcTaint5198d ago

Nothing like a misread option posted as fact, and the tearing of @ssholes ensues. Who gives a flying fvck?!??! This will be game of the year, but you guys, instead of actually playing it, will be arguing over the dumbest sh!t !!!!

smirx5198d ago

Damn, why is everyone making such a big deal out of this? So instead of 2 more players you get 16, get over it. Some of you need a serious reality check. What did you guys do 5 years ago when a good multiplayer game meant 8 on 8? In my opinion you guys are acting like spoiled children (some of you might actually be). Just be happy the game was even made and please stop worrying over who has the "best" console, and mind your own buisness.

Cherchez La Ghost5198d ago

For a man to admit he is wrong on this board, bubble for you.

ry-guy5198d ago

Hey man, it's cool. Bubbles for owning up to a mistake.

Have to reward honesty in this world.

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BrotherSic5199d ago

link to the forum post that contains the quote from FourZeroTwo of IW


IdontTakeSides5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

dude why are you apologising if it was the opposite..saying xboX had 18 vice versa..they would have been all over it...

Besides the PS3..still has better graphics..!!

Meus Renaissance5199d ago

Because I made a mistake and because I am actually sorry.

IdontTakeSides5199d ago (Edited 5199d ago )

kk no harm in doing that...but it's not like they're gonna care that you did..they're gonna come in here and say PS3tards got owned....

Jay da 2KBalla5199d ago

We all know that the overpriced, inferior game having, trashy online having ps3 doesnt have better graphics than anything. I mean come on this isnt a 360 we're talking about.

Timesplitter145199d ago

"Besides the PS3..still has better graphics..!! "


It's not that I don't believe you, but I just wanna see if it's true (I'm a PS3 owner)

Bnet3435199d ago

you gave the Sony fanboys a lot to laugh about, so even if you're sorry, the damage has still been done.

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sonarus5199d ago

dnt have cod forum access. Wat exactly does it say