It’s Really Hard To Like Kinect These Days...

Kinect is really hard to like these days.

With little to no core support and no decent upcoming games, Microsoft's once amazing looking motion controller is quickly becoming a glorified paper weight for many Gamers.

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pat_11_52707d ago

I genuinely think Kinect is a great device... but seriously put some good games on it already.

SKUD2707d ago

Kinect Disneyland Adventures inbound. Are they doing it rite?

darthv722707d ago

you should state that they need good games that appeal to you. Remember we are all not alike and have different tastes. It is really a matter of choice.

Do I think the games on kinect are good? Cant say as I dont have kinect yet.

Will there be games that appeal to people? Sure there will.

Will they appeal to you? Only you can be the judge of that.

Potentiality almost guarantees there will be something for everyone.

Perjoss2707d ago

I have no problem liking my Kinect, I know its quite hard for some to believe, but some people actually like waving their arms around :)

news4geeks2707d ago

It has great games like sesame street, disneyland and on the rails classics to come...

If you don't like those games then kinect isn't your thing.

fr0sty2707d ago

charlie sheen loves his kinect. both of them are on rails constantly.

malamdra2707d ago Show
egidem2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Microsoft sold millions of this device. It's out there and I have a feeling that the dedicated hardcore who bought it a launch are sort of disappointed due to the lack of games catered towards them. From the looks of E3, I can say that little kids will have a blast time with Kinect from now towards 2012.

They are clearly marketing it towards the casuals; and for that fact if you don't like Kinect, simply don't buy it. Okay, but what about those hardcore gamers who also bought it? Where are their games Microsoft? It seems that Microsoft doesn't really know what to do with Kinect. The hype of controller-less gaming is what sold it. It sounds so awesome and futuristic. Somehow it's not working right.

They already have a large install base, now what the hell is stopping them from making real games? Do they think that whatever they are making right now (Kinect fun labs, Disneyland Adventures) will satisfy people?

Sony probably had it right about buttons being important. If you take a core game and replace it entirely with Kinect controls, chances are that it will terribly suck. There would be lag issues and the most important of all - accuracy. They (Microsoft) foresaw this so they went the route that Sony took with the Move - implement Kinect in the core games as an optional playstyle.

The same principle might however not always apply to Sony. They implemented the Move in Killzone 3 and from what I've heard, people with the Move SharpShooter are owning those people with the standard DualShock 3 controller!

Point is Microsoft is just chasing a boat Nintendo already rode. I'm curious as to where they are sailing the Kinect ship, but currently it looks like they have no course set.

Redgehammer2707d ago

I agree. I just got through watching my son play Child of Eden, and he is having a blast. I wish I could use Kinect to play COE, the controller is fine, but doesn't seem to carry the same fun or immersion quotient as Kinect. It is a great device, that I feel, is constantly going to improve.

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xhedleyx2707d ago

I agree I guess but do you honestly think Kinect can support these deep experiences you so desperately want? How the hell do you make a game like Mass Effect 3 without a controller...

You can't

Godmars2902707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

More to the point how do you make an engaging Kinect title that also uses a standard controller?

Still can't believe that Bioware hasn't been seriously called on the Kinect only voice command option.

Thing is in that regard Binary Domain will have voice commands via headsets. If that game actually delivers - we are talking about Sega after all - how will that not show up Bioware?

xhedleyx2707d ago

I think it's a decent use of Kinect's technology. Maybe not ideal but it's better than having it forced into the game.

AtomicGerbil2707d ago

Voice command has been done for years, it's not unique to Kinect.

If Bioware wanted to use voice command, it wouldn't be exclusive to Xbox 360, all you need is a voice input device all the rest is software driven. Besides, PS Eye has a 4 microphone array so it could easily be done on PS3, with the Eye or a headset. Same goes for PC with any device with a microphone you could plug in, Usb or mic/line in.

darthv722707d ago

we been through this god. We know it can be done but the point is it is being done only for the 360 version.

Why is that so hard to wrap around? For whatever reason. Be it money or exclusivity or whatever....kinect voice in mass effect 3 exists. I have said this before.

If you are going to release something then you need to find the angle in which to market it and do your best to make it your own.

Just because they can doesnt mean they will. It is no different than exclusive content in games these days. If you want to talk to the tv while playing this aloud the dialog at the bottom of the screen when making your choice.

Redgehammer2707d ago

Kinect's audio solutions are much more complicated than I thought, and really are an achievement in engineering. Those of you that believe that a headset is comparable to the Kinect sensor are misguided. If any are interested in how the audio aspects of Kinect came about , I suggest this article.

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Why o why2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

I still dont believe people really think kinect can really offer deep gameplay mechanics. People would enjoy it more if they just lowered their expectations, kinda like what my misses has to do:(

The sony advert he refers to, although tongue in cheek is true. Without inputs its limited. Proof is how simple all the games that are out now and the fact that ms is pushing for kinect intergration into core games NOT kinect versions of these games apart from that fable and we all saw how that panned out. Let it be. Its great tech but very limited

xhedleyx2707d ago

I tend to agree I guess. It's sort of a pipe dream of mine though to have an awesome Kinect game that's totally fun and engrossing.

Redempteur2707d ago

fable with kinect is horrible

going from a action rpg ( with bugs ) to a onr ail shooter hardly an improvement

Redgehammer2707d ago

I am curious as to what a "deep gameplay mechanic" is?
"Its great tech but very limited" people said the same thing about the cd-rom, and the personal computer in the early 80's, and we see how that has turned out. I believe that the only limit to Kinect is the same limit that all technology has, and that is the imaginations of those pushing the technology forward. Moreover, I would be surprised if the tech within Kinect, does not achieve some level of ubiquity in the upcoming years.
As far as the games go, I was excited for ME3 way before Kinect, but now I have something else to look forward to, on top of the awesomness that I already anticipated.


btk2707d ago

As we expected....
The hype died off - and now they can see the emperor is not as well-dressed as the hype suggested.

malamdra2707d ago

there was never any hype among core gamers, because hype is generated by games and not hardware itself

mcgrawgamer2707d ago

Why o why hit the nail on the head in my opinion. Kinect won't be able to replace the core gaming experience. Only add on it; for or better or for worse that would depend on the gamer. Personally the only games that have justified my kinect purchase were sonic riders and the more recent child of eden. Other than that I don't get much enjoyment out of it. My kids and wife however eat it up.

iistuii2707d ago

My wife & kids also eat it up, that's the type of audience it was made for. As for so called hardcore games, they are starting to add support in the future games like Ghost Recon, Forza 4, but personnaly I'd prefer if they kept the games separate like now. Anyone else think a game like Heavy Rain could work on Kinect ?. I think it'll be cool to have a detective type of game on it and having finished Heavy Rain, that type of game could work on Kinect...

wollie2707d ago

thats a really awesome idea about a heavy rain type game with kinect. I agree that it is possible to make a really great game using solely kinect but the sad thing is no one is doing it. And after MS's e3 it looks like there aren't any plans to do it.

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