Redbox Video Game Rentals Now Nationwide!

Back in October of 2010, Redbox expanded their service from DVDs and Blu ray movies to video games. Since that time, Redbox game rentals have grown, but were not available everywhere until now. Today, tomorrow, or any other day you can now visit your local Redbox and pick up a video game!

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JimmyJames702769d ago

I see Redboxes all the time. I should check one out and see what games they have.

Blaze9292769d ago

at $2 a night, this is freaking awesome! I think I might go pick up duke nukem and transformers.

Keith Olbermann2769d ago

You think $2 a night is awesome?? With Gamefly you can have one game out for $10 as long as you want. Thats awesome.

cjflora2769d ago

$2 a night is only awesome if you can fly through a game in a couple of days. For me, someone who has a full time job and a family I might only use this to try a game out for a night before buying it. Otherwise Gamefly is way better for me because if it takes me a month to beat the game it's not a big deal.

Blaze9292769d ago

Is there a time limit with Redbox or something? I guess I it you hold it for 5 days, that'll be about the same amount for a month of gamefly. But yeah id be using this purely for games to try or know I'd ne'er buy and will quickly beat.

Long term, hell yeah gamefly looks better financially.

meluvulongtime2769d ago

It's such a great option for really short titles or wanting to check out a game to see if it's worth a purchase

YourFlyness2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Interesting, They are looking to put the final nail in BlockBuster's Coffin.

Anybody know the pricing structure?

barb_wire2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

$2 a night

More expensive than Blockbuster? Wouldn't know, they closed 4 Blockbusters where I live.. have to rely on Family Video or Redbox for rentals now.

theonlylolking2769d ago

That is more expensive than blockbuster.

cjflora2769d ago

Last time I checked most of the brick an mortar stores were renting games at around $8 for 5 days. Not sure if that's gone up since though because I've been using Gamefly for a few years now.

Canas20102769d ago

Blockbuster online is 8.99 a month for unlimited mailings, for as long as you want. It's cheaper than GameFly and you get your games slightly faster. You can also take the game back to a store if you have one close by.

Dlacy13g2769d ago

Blockbuster is also moving in this direction. I have been seeing more Block Buster kiosks (just like the redbox) showing up in the Bay Area. I predict Blockbuster will try to evolve into a Netflix/Redbox online movie store and shut down all their actual stores.

DirtyLary2769d ago

cool but with the online passes thanks to used game sales, this is worthless for Mp gamers like me.

sickpup2769d ago

Online Pass is only applicable to a few games from EA right now. The majority of multiplayer games are still free.

cjflora2769d ago

Did anyone recently get hit with this for MK? I was playing online for a few weeks with my Gamefly rental, and then all of a sudden a few nights ago I get this prompt saying I need to buy online pass. Did they add this after the fact?

sickpup2769d ago

$2 a night is still a bit much. Gamefly allows unlimited rental time at $16 a month which is roughly 50 cents per night. Not to mention the selection is 7000+ and rarely will it not be available. I think RedBox should consider doing a weekly charge for a game rental similar to what game stores used to do. The $5 for a week is a good price. I have XBL so if I want to try a game I get the demo. If it doesn't have a demo I sure won't spend $60 on it. Wait 2-4 weeks after a release and most games are already at the $40 mark.

marioPSUC2769d ago

I think $2 a night is a pretty good price, though I do agree they should do like a $5 a week or 3 day thing.

Redbox is a little more faster than doing Gamefly, plus some people dont want to pay the monthly fee for Gamefly.

Gamefly is good for the people who play lots and lots of games. Redbox game rental, would be good for people who want to try out a game before they buy, or just play through a single player game within a few days and be done with it.

Simco8762769d ago

You never get the games you want with GameFly though, not to mention new releases dude.

This is great, I can finish a game in a weekend and pay only 4 bucks, compared to 8 bucks at Blockbuster

I am going to miss Blockbuster (RIP)

kma2k2769d ago

Actually if you know how to work the system right, there is tons of websited explaing it with gamefly you can. I have gotten almost every new relase on relase day with gamefly this year, the only exception was Medal of Honor & that was because of a Post office was closed the day before relase & f'd things up, but i got 17 new relases in the last year on relase day with gamefly. Just got infamous 2 last week :)

Keith Olbermann2769d ago

I always get new releases. Of course I am near one of the distribution centers.

kma2k2769d ago

Agree with you 100% i have had gamefly for over a year now & have played over 60 games for $20 a month basically. Its cheaper & more convienet to do gamefly. I stoped best buy because i suck at remembering to take the game or movie back, its so easy to just drop it in the mailbox. Ive done the mate & ive played over 60 games for the price of buying 4 new games this past year

gdguide2769d ago

I love it! Not for long term obviously, but some games I'm not sure I want to buy. I'll use this from now on. I already use the service a lot for movies.

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