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Nelson Tethers, Puzzle Agent. The name says it all: you’re an FBI agent (as in Federal Bureau of Investigation) named Nelson Tethers… and you solve puzzles for a living. You’re even an EXPERT puzzle solver, just to make it be extremely clear that when puzzles are the problem, there’s only ONE guy that can solve them. Think of this as a cross between a bit of Monkey Island and some Professor Layton sprinkled here and there and you’ll get the idea.

The whole game is 4-5 hours long if it’s your first time around the rodeo but Telltale Games veterans should be able to cut that down to about 2-3 hours tops. Again, let us not forget that if those 2-3 hours are filled with funny dialog, interesting game scenarios and a great art style, then it definitely deserves your money (NOW!).

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twin_rotary2684d ago

I like the art style for the game.