Underwater Wars announced for Xbox 360 and PC (2 Screens)

Biart Studio has unveiled Underwater Wars, a squad-based shooter for Xbox 360 and PC scheduled for release in 2009. The conflict sets in 2012 between two factions: the United States, NATO, and Japan versus China, North Korea, and indirectly Syria and Iran. You and your teammates are in an elite division of sea infantry of the US Navy.

Underwater Wars will feature 12 missions, three types of gameplay (underwater bases, underwater operations, and ground/islands/town missions,) two view modes, multiplayer modes, underwater vehicles (submarines, hydro accelerate system, etc,) and more.

[Notes: Biart Studio has previously developed Check Dive, a full-scale 3D engine that simulates underwater environments and physics.]

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tony4872d ago

it should be released on 2012, by then it might be a hit and it would give them time to restart development, cause right now looks like space vomit.

wageslave4871d ago

Uhm, did you miss the part where they told you the game would be released in 2009?

Are you offering conclusions based on pre-pre-...alpha builds?

dachiefsman4872d ago

WTF..............Fight against shamu, jaws, and flipper!!!! *FIST PUMP*