Games Will be Developed Same Quality for PS Vita and PS3

As mentioned before, Sony have learned many lessons from the PSP, and it's co-existence with the PS3. Apart from the pricing issue, which they have clearly already addressed, Sony has recently revealed another interesting kink in their strategy that they are planning on ironing out.

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DrFUD2684d ago

...and why not.
The Vita is more powerful than the 360.
So the Vita shouldn't hold back the PS3 any more than the 360 has.
1st party games would have to be scaled back a bit to match but everything else should be good to go

Close_Second2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Since when is the Vita more powerful than the 360?!?

My concern is that the Vita is more a PS2.5 and not a PS3. So does that mean I have gimped PS3 titles to look forward to?

Lets also not forget that one of the problems with the PSP is for a while all it seemed to get was gimped versions of PS2 games. You want me to buy a Vita then give me games that are only on the Vita that are worth getting. And don't release them on the PS3 12 months later...God of War anyone...

DrFUD2684d ago

when they announced the specs

nightmarex1212684d ago

Well the problem was also no two analog sticks so it was freaking hard to play them but now there two sticks so now you actually can play those gimp version right.

FunAndGun2684d ago

I don't know dude. Wipeout Fury PS3 players will be able to play against PSVita players on day one.

I think the Vita is going to be pretty powerful.

StbI9902684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

¨My concern is that the Vita is more a PS2.5 and not a PS3. So does that mean I have gimped PS3 titles to look forward to¨

Since when the ps2 can do fron and read plus voice chat, cross gaming, party chat, PSN and more even Ps3 likely graphics on the go?...if sony wanted, could of had made all these input processing option to a more powerful round hardware but not, it got packed with enough features and power to call it a trend over the 360, thanks mate.

Blind much? guess so, since you are close to a second to understand it all LOL.

TheDivine2684d ago

I do think the vita is a psp 1.5 but that doesnt mean i wont buy this day 1! I hope we get new games and not just ps3 titles for the vita although golden abyss looks boss and i want a dmons souls 2 for vita. It also needs ps2 games and minis more like apps, cheap and fun. Im super glad it plays psp games as il get a few from psn for cheap for it to get a good library going. Im getting the $10 super stardust for psp instead of the $40 vita title. I wish it would play psn games like dead nation and guardian of light though, im not rebuying the same games. Thats one dissapointment and the other is no hdmi out. Still super excited my psp is feeling ancient these days. BTW how is a 960x540 resolution and 2-4gb games more powerful than a 360? It looks great for a handheld and especially on the oled screen but its not actually a ps3 shrunk into a handheld.

GodofSackboy2684d ago

Same as 3DS is like playing a series of gimped PS2 games

Close_Second2683d ago

Oh my god there are lots of delusional fanboys out there. I mean honestly, there is no way a Vita can pull off 360 level visuals. Believe it all you want but the Vita is lower res and can't push as many poly's. Sure it may say so on paper but name one instance in console gaming history where paper specs have actually been reflected in an actual game.

I mean, didn't the PS2 have an emotion engine and would mean lifelike games. Didn't Sony push remote play for the PSP and just look at how well that's used.

Sony publish some hype fueled marketing and the fanboys just soak it up.

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nopunctuation2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

NGP (still cant accept the new name sorry) is just as strong as PS3 is ergo, its more advanced than a 360. That is a revolution in handheld gaming unlike some other handhelds I know. Cant wait for HD Uncharted gaming on a handheld and some cross game chat online gaming.

Lekumkee2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

The Vita is not as strong as the 360. However it is stronger then the Wii... by miles.

Edit: Wow!! I would love for someone to post proof that the Vita is stronger then the 360. Any proof out there or is it fanboy dreams I'm arguing against?

Kyur4ThePain2684d ago

Proof goes both ways. Got any proof that it isn't as powerful as the 360?

tplarkin72684d ago

By "same quality" he meant that Sony will give the same care for the Vita as the PS3. Sony admitted to spreading itself too thin and abandoning the PSP during the PS3 launch. The Vita will have a steady library of new games.

miyamoto2684d ago

there will be no debate if only the PS Vita was as powerful or more powerful than the PS3.

I was kinda hoping that. It could have been more easier for everybody. But the fact that Vita can play PS3 code on the fly with no problem could be a good sign of game compatibility in the future.

BeastlyRig2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

To be fair vita runs all it's games at an extremely small resolution compared to 360..
But if it runs at 720p then you must be right!

VampiricDragon2684d ago

the vita isnt near as powerful as the vita. Honestly its not even close. The vita is between psp and ps3 in power as sony said.

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Soldierone2684d ago

I personally am wondering on the structure of sales for each game. Its cool that its all cross platform and it looks good on PS Vita, and better on PS3. The question I have is will we be forced to buy the game twice in order to take advantage of the play on the go mentality. Or will there be a packaged deal for games. Buy Uncharted 3 and Vita Uncharted for 80 bucks type of thing.

Simply because I dont have the money to shell out 70 dollars for a PS3 game, then shell out another 50 to 60+ for the Vita version, when supposedly its the same thing. Along with that, I would assume it would push a bit more units out the door.

Deadman_Senji2684d ago

pretty sure most vita games will also get full and separate ps3 versions.

Soldierone2684d ago

Are there any articles on it from Sony? I'm simply just looking for information in regards to it as it has my interest.

I already have two Vita's on pre-order, so Its not like im bashing it or anything.

BoNeSaW232684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Since when are PS3 games $70 bucks? Exaggerate much?

On Topic-I'm VERY curious too, if we have to purchase Ruin twice. Would SONY really do that?

I would pay $80 bucks for a console version and a mobile version that are cross platform compatible today!
Hell! I'm paying $99 Plus for a limited and collectors editions for consoles alone! Give me a mobile version on top of your console version and keep your lame collectors Art book and figurine and I'm in!

zak94ma2684d ago

and Sony still telling us that the PS3 still have a life span when they reduce it to a handled trying to fool people release PS4

clearelite2684d ago

I would like to play Starhawk on the Vita! I think it could make great use of the control methods available as well.

TheCrazyMerc2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

This is exactly what happened when the PS3 cameout and it'll happen to the PS4 as well, first the psp was announced then came the PS3. Just wait.

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