Will Nintendo's overconfidence be its downfall, again?

Sony is seen as arrogant, Microsoft as a tri-hard, whilst Nintendo has injected a simple fun element back into gaming. But, could Nintendo be catching a little of Sony's disease of complacency, whilst all around them competitors plot?

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vgn244866d ago

Nintendo never actually learned from their mistakes the first time they were number 1. They still believe that they can strong arm publishers and retailers when they get on top. We saw what it did to them the first time. We're seeing it happen to Sony now. And there's no doubt in my mind that if MS ever becomes #1, they'll do it too.

These companies are great at copying one another, but never learn from one another's mistakes.

shmee4866d ago

watch out for XMAS sales in NA ,JAPAN and EU

in NA ps3 sales have increased 2 fold according to VGCAHRTS data over last week.Ofcourse most people are holding on to purchase because of the 40 gig due on the 2nd.

In EU ps3 will surpass the wii once the PES bundle hits on 11t November.

expect the same with white ps3 in Japan

vgn244866d ago

What are you even talking about? I explain the arrogance of these companies and you immediately go into fanboy mode to declare your holy system of choice will be number 1.

I won't even get into the issue of who will be number 1, because it turns into nothing but an ignorant rant from all sides based on opinions. So how about you go argue on behalf of your favorite corporation on another topic and leave this comment section to the topic at hand?

neogeo4865d ago

because they know how

Bloodmask4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

You do realize that the PS3 is in a "distant" third to both the Xbox 360 and the Wii. It would have to outsell them two fold for over a year to catch up. So your posts don't change any of that.

And in regards to the article, I don't think that Nintendo has anything to worry about. The Wii covers the casual demographic nicely, and the 360 covers the hardcore gaming. Once the Wii catalogue of games contains more harcore titles and the 360 more casual titles things will even out nicely. They both win on price, PS3 is odd man out.

ruibing4866d ago

Well, some people prefer a PS3 as their hardcore game console over the 360. It has every single genre covered across all the boards, including some really innovative IPs like LittleBigPlanet. With the PS3 you get great RPGs from Square Enix and Level 5 (the main genre of games for me) which all have very close ties with Sony, largest in-house studio with games like Killzone 2, GT 5, Uncharted, and God of War III on the horizon, and a long reliable lifetime of free content access across the PSN.

I'm not saying 360 does not have features I'm not interested in, such as having a lot of XBLA games, Mass Effect, and those new RPGs from Mystwalker, but I do want to point out that thinking the 360 is the one that should appeal to all hardcore gamers is wrong. There are a lot of things the PS3 has that the 360 can't offer.

Lionsguard4865d ago

So what if the PS3 has to outsell MS and Nintendo for two straight years? You act as if this is the 7th and final year of it's life and has no chance catching up. Newsflash! it's only been one year!! When it's 2012 and the world hasn't ended and the PS4 is announced THEN you can announce the PS3's ultimate defeat. Calling it defeated now is ridiculous, esp since 2008 is looking to be a huge year for the Sony plus anything can turn in the later years. (HD-DVD dies, Blu-Ray dominates, PS3 price falls further, Developers learn to maximize PS3 hardware) Anything can happen from now to the brink of the next-next-gen.

unsunghero284866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

The Wii will have beaten all of the sales throughout the GC's 6-year lifespan by this time next year. That's not hopeful thinking, that's a fact. All the evidence we need is a little game called "Super Smash Bros Brawl."

But no, I don't think Nintendo has been acting any more overconfident than its competitors, either. Right now, (although I think Sony's a great company) to a lot of people Sony seems like a bunch of pricks who like calculators and pie charts. Trust me, I don't agree with that sentiment, but let's face it: Sony's been getting a bad rap recently and until the AAA titles and the 40GB roll in (which they will) that's not going to change.

Anyway, again, (ironically) Nintendo seems quite youthful and friendly from an image standpoint, and I think that is actually a stark contrast from their N64-era image- they appealed to children, sure, just they were the mean old man who didn't like kids saying bad words or letting their pants go below the waist.

IdontTakeSides4866d ago

yes it will be there downfall..WHY..? ..

OOG FunK4866d ago

I really just dont think nintendo cares like honestly they are making money hand over fist right now and have the possibility of being able to afford making a really powerful system with all their toys and gadgets next time around which come be alot shorter then we expected......all in all they did hwat they had to do and all I can do is bow befor them they really knew how to make money without spending alot of it this time around

Witty Comment4865d ago

we'll be seeing anything super powerful next-gen from Nintendo. I believe that it will be XBox360 powered at the most, only because that's all they would need at that time.

Nintendo's appeal stems from two main things: innovation and price-point. Next gen things like CELL, Blu-Ray could still be quite expensive. They may not even opt for an HD-DVD drive, but the manufacturing costs of 360-type hardware will go down. That's not to say that the PS3 is too expensive; rather it will still have decently up-to-date hardware at that point in time. Ergo, it will still be offered at a minimal price point that will give the company profit on each unit shipped to retail. Also, it must be noted that Nintendo almost HAS to profit from it's consoles as that is where they make most of their money. Third party titles aren't the hottest on Nintendo's platform, and I think that for the most part that history and present generation consoles show this.

As far as innovation goes, who KNOWS what they'll come up with next. I believe it's taken for granted now that all next-generation consoles will have a Wii type functionality for game control, but possibly implemented in different ways.. moreso to enhance the gaming experience. Such as Lair was to be. You have to admit that would have been an amazing experience had the controls been more off-the-cuff user friendly.

Anyways, I don't think their next machine will be a technological innovation in the way of graphics and power, but more in the way of offering something new to the table of console gaming experience. That's why they're making money this generation so well: price point, and innovation. It's an undeniable formula for success.

OOG FunK4866d ago

o yea btw smash brothers isnt only sells what like 5 6 mill tops so I doubt that will keep the system goin for another 4-5 years ....hell halo just sold that in a month

Rooftrellen4866d ago

5-6 million is a huge hit.

However, Would you really be shoked if SSBB and Mario Galazy combined for 20 million sales? I'm betting on it being close when its all said and done.

Witty Comment4865d ago

at least 4 people who are waiting for Smash Bros. to get Wii's. That's more people than I knew were waiting for Halo 3.

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