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Saryk2684d ago

Just got a email stating the same thing! Bummer!

trollpolice2684d ago

erm whats the point of all this? why are these hackers doing this? just for lols? i don't think anyone is slightly amused. How come they targetting gaming related stuff?

GrieverSoul2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

You really dont get it??

They are targeting gaming because Sony fought them back by taking a hacker to court. They are trying to put fear in the gaming industry. They KO Sony but Sony stand up again. They tried to take them down again but couldnt. So they went to other members of the industry.

Think about a Mafia kind of situation. They bully you over and over again. One day, you had enough and stand up to them. Making them realize you are not going to fear them anymore. So, the Mafia goes after your relatives. Your friends, your family, etc. See what I mean. Its a SCARE tactic.


as long as there is articles like this they will continue. STOP FN COVERING IT!!

dredgewalker2684d ago


Yeah I agree, but I'm pretty but this move will certainly backfire on them for making it this huge. If they do it too much it's certain the authorities will find a way to track and catch them. I do hope that they do get caught very soon and learn that what they're doing is pointless and damaging to others.

mrcapcom2684d ago

this is so silly the hackers cant get back into psn so there hacking games sites. to try to get attetion. what next atari
this is turning into one big joke on them.

Ducky2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

They're attacking everything.
Their gaming related escapades are mentioned on N4G, but their douchebaggery extends to other domains as well.

b_one2684d ago

they told they like sega ;D

wohoo2684d ago

Maybe they're trying to do just that? :)

Sunhammer2684d ago

Too late for that. If they get caught they're going straight to jail.

deathbetold2684d ago

well apparently our government cant get there head out their a$$ and find them.

crematory2684d ago

if they want job they can have it in a minute
after all they well experienced with codes and network infra structure they just do it for challenge

Mottsy2684d ago

apparently not if they are doing petty stuff like this.

barb_wire2684d ago

Got my email earlier this morning. I'm getting sick of having to change passwords, every other day it seems..

These so called 'Hackers' need to get out in the sunshine more..

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The story is too old to be commented.