The Darkness 2 Hands On Preview [E3] - WGTC

The Darkness was a game that earned a bit of a following from gamers and those familiar with the comic book but still seemed to go unnoticed by the larger audience. In the first game, the hero Jackie Estacado had just turned 21 and became the wielder of the “Darkness”, a power that allowed him to wield demon arms that not only make sarcastic remarks, but also helped deal out damage to his enemies.

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Wick2681d ago

Awesome. Really looking forward to this one.

I liked the first one a lot. Played about half of it before I got sidetracked, so I'll have to go back to beat it before this sequel comes out.

Doctorofreality2681d ago

Yeah hopefully they can still keep this excitin, the novelty of the arms can wear off kinda quick.

MinimeJer052681d ago

Didnt know they were making another one of these. Cool!

TheCampfireSong2681d ago

Still need to get the first one, second one looks tight.

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