New Black Ops DLC Has Another Nuketown – You’ve Got to Be Kidding

Thankfully, Nuketown is the only map in Black Ops that instills this kind of anger in not only myself, but thousands of my fellow gamers as well. Not even the past two map packs have come close to creating an experience as enraging as the tiny, peaceful, US town of old. Unfortunately, that is all about to change with the upcoming release of the Annihilation Map Pack on June 28th for the Xbox 360. Drive-In, the name of the new map that will undoubtedly make my head split, was created to directly follow the “success” of Nuketown. In the Behind the Scenes video below, our friend at Treyarch describe Nuketown as a “hugely successful and popular map in Black Ops” and wanted to create another map that “emulates that style of gameplay”. So Drive-In was born.

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ddurand12865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

more people like the map than dont. it would be stupid for them not to include a map that is similar.

people hate on call of duty all the time, but its mostly unwarranted. activision is smart and thats why the rake in the cash.

Maxned2865d ago

The reason more people like that map more than people that dont is because most of the people on Black Ops camp 24/7

ddurand12865d ago

if youre good at the game campers are easy kills, like in every other FPS.

oh, word. theres a guy in the yellow building in the corner behind the desk? heres some options for you.

1. semtex kill him
2. no semtex? ok frag grenade kill him.
3. out of lethal grenades?, flash and come around the corner shooting.
4. no flashes? stun him, kill him.
5. smoke it, kill him.
6. no special nades? turn the corner shooting.

man up. stop bitching and play the game. people are such pussies.

BeOneWithTheGun2865d ago

They just need to make a map called "bathroom". One side spawns in the shower and the other on the sink. It's a fight for control of the toilet!

Jezuz2861d ago

ddurand1, what if the camper was using flak jacket pro and tactical mask pro(or something) ?

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Emilio_Estevez2866d ago

Some people really like nuketown also. It's in the middle for me.

DTMBSquid2866d ago

Yeah, ten year olds and freaking morons. The kids who like Nuketown ruin the game fir everyone else. This guy who wrote the article is spot on.

Emilio_Estevez2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Idk...I watched the vid and I know he said it was like nuketown, but I didn't get that impression from what they showed.

jetlian2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

they mean is its a small map. whoever gets control of major corners well be victorious

me l like nuketown its fun and fast. don't have to spend 2 mins running around looking for someone. Most of all snipping is a no go.

I bet the people who dislike nuketown are snipers lol

lucifon2866d ago

The people that don't like Nuketown are those that enjoy sitting in a corner racking up crappy killstreaks as opposed to just getting stuck in to some fast paced action.

I've noticed a clear divide in those that try and stay alive for as long as possible and give a whoopdy-doo about their K/D ratios disliking Nuketown, yet those that just want to jump in and have some manic fun enjoy it.

mrcapcom2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

i dont mind nuke town for a fast game.

NLGSean2866d ago

LOL.. a guy who hates zombies yet has a avatar pix of a well known zombie killer...

mrcapcom2866d ago

ok it may of come out wrong i do not like zombie mode on black ops why cant i have the choice. to buy either the multi player maps or the zombie maps it would put the price of the dlc down. every one wins

BubbleSniper2865d ago

wait... there's zombies in RE4/5?? (that steroid abusing Chris Redfield in his avatar being from 5)

erasure2422866d ago

LOL did you just totally delete your rant about not liking zombies?

mrcapcom2866d ago

yer sorry was trying to correct it what i said was i hate zombies why should i have to pay for both the zombie map and the multi player map. what i ment to say was i hate the zombie mode on black ops the reason i said i hate zombies is thats what many of my friends message me like do you want to play zombies meaning do i want to play zombie mode on black ops. i am sorry for any mix up i was wrong and should of worded what i said better

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