Wii U Controller Limitations to Save on Costs, Says Nintendo

Nintendo has revealed that its decision to support only Wii U controller per console is motivated by cost. Not just cost to Nintendo though, cost to Nintendo's customers as well. The Wii U can support up to five inputs in total, but the other four are limited to Wii remotes..........

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scotchmouth2679d ago

Seems like the lamest place to save on money. Now everyone can fight over one controller!!!

fr0sty2679d ago

And with that statement they officially crippled their console. Think of when parents buy this thing for their kids (the very casual market that supported Wii). Think of the fights that will break out over who gets to hold the "real" controller, and who gets stuck with the wiimote.

Blaine2679d ago

It's a little something called "alternating". It's tricky, but me and my brother managed it, even as kids.

Mystogan2679d ago

I knew there has got to be some weakness to this console now they are all starting to show up.

J_Cob2678d ago

I think they'd make up for the loss by being able to sell extra Wii U controllers. Think in the long run.

gamingdroid2679d ago

I think it is a sensible approach. I can only imagine how much that controller would cost and how often it actually would be useful in such a setting.

As it is, you can still share the experience by playing with the Wii Motes, up to 4-players.

NYC_Gamer2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

how can people using wiimotes share the same experience as one playing with the new controller?

gamingdroid2679d ago

You can share the experience of playing together, not the experience of using that particular controller obviously.

Ness-Psi2678d ago

Thats a really wierd stance for ninty to take also one that will probably hurt along the lines.

NYC_Gamer2679d ago

why would anyone wanna be stuck with wiimotes

erasure2422679d ago

I laugh at people who bash the Wiimote... These are the same people that praise the Playstation Move and Kinect...

The old argument was "The PS 3 Move is Wii in HD"... well now people will be able to use the WiiMote and play games in HD... and these people now say "Ah the WiiMote still sucks"...

Nintendo was smart to have WiiMote support. Saves people on money.

scotchmouth2678d ago

I think most people wouldn't agree with you. The coolest part about new technology is using it. If I have friends over I would want them to experience the new controller without foregoing the experience myself.

Adding support for more controllers doesn't mean anyone is forced to have more then one. Adding the support for more gives people the option of having more then one.

If you want to be a frugal gamer and have only one that would be great. If i invested in the system I would probably have more then one right off the bat. Having that option is a no-brainer. Removing that choice from the consumer is something that is receiving backlash from consumers.

Wizziokid2679d ago

save money? your nintendo.

matey2679d ago

Nintendo not every1 is poor u should make sure in fifa 2013 that u can use 2 controllrs because that would be amazing as it stands all games have to have a major robust online to justify MP because local MP is doomed if ur alienating people because u think there expensive id pay £69.99 4 1

matey2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Just so u guys know Crytek is making a WiiU game a shooter that supports 2 controllers on cry engine 3

fr0sty2679d ago

Did you not read the article? 5 inputs, 4 have to be wiimotes.

jacksonmichael2679d ago

No, yeah, no. I think he's right. I don't think that they confirmed a game in development, but the engine is running on the console. Multiple controllers are possible (did you not read the article?), Nintendo just doesn't want us spending much on controllers - third parties wouldn't care one way or the other.

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