Gemaga's next issue to feature FFXIII, KH and Lost Odyssey TGS trailers

Japanese magazine Gemaga has announced that their December issue will include two DVD's with various trailers from the recent Tokyo Game Show 2007, including the trailers of Final Fantasy XIII and of the new Kingdom Hearts projects. Here's a translation from their blog:

"Promotional Videos were collected one after another in the Tokyo Game Show, the DVD will contain over 130 Games, and will be about five hours worth of trailers in total. There are some trailers that have been enhanced, and some not opened to the public such as Xbox 360's "Lost Odyssey". Also there is an interview with Mr/Ms Sakaguchi who will be explaining the view points.

"Fabula Nova Crystallis FFXIII", and the original PV of "Kingdom Hearts New Projects" will be published.

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joten4869d ago

There will be no PV for Kingdom Hearts Future

Shaka2K64869d ago

Stop hyping that POS pls, it looks like a PS2 game with boring gameplay and weak story line.

whatthehell4859d ago

let me guess, you own a ps3. and you're very insecure.

why is final fantasy xiii suppose to be great? oh yeah, cause it's called final fantasy.

why does the title final fantasy have so much clout in the gaming world? oh yeah, sakaguchi.

who's making lost odyssey? sakaguchi.

doh for you