Beyond Good & Evil HD PSN Release Details "Coming Soon"

Brutal Gamer has contacted both Sony and Ubisoft to inquire about the release date for the classic title, and much like the development status of Beyond Good & Evil 2, there seems to be a lot of mystery and a little confusion surrounding the launch date for BG&E HD on the PSN.

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Wizziokid2775d ago

it's been out for a few days

Nitrowolf22775d ago

yeah for EU, its not out in USA yet.

mantisimo2775d ago

its good brought back a lot of good memories, really enjoyed the original back in the day.

just played the demo and its cheap so will be a certain buy come payday.

FAGOL2775d ago

I don't really understand why games on PSN sometimes don't get the same release dates as other regions. It's been out on the EU PSN for a week now.

showtimefolks2775d ago

they will be updating psn store 2-3 times a week till its up to date and this week we got one weak update?

get it all the way up to june 17th 2011