Eurogamer - Dungeon Siege III Review

Made by Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, KOTOR II), Dungeon Siege III is radically different to Gas Powered Games' first two Dungeon Siege games, which offered top-down strategy and party management, not unlike a dungeon crawl crossed with an American football simulator.

Despite this, it keeps more than enough of their spirit alive to be called a sequel, if not a successor.

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Pintheshadows2683d ago

This is getting solid reviews. The text not the score.

callahan092683d ago

I am happy to see a Eurogamer 8. I already have it pre-loaded from Steam. I wish I could play it today and didn't have to wait until Tuesday to play it.

Pintheshadows2683d ago

Nice. I'm definately picking it up. I miss games like this and alot of the ones I liked were made by Obsidians employees.

femshep2683d ago

meh tried the demo it was stiff and boring as hell.....ill stick to diablo, torchlight, sacred thank you

obsidian should just stop developing

TheLastGuardian20102683d ago

Yeah! Screw the people who work at Obsidian! Hope they get unemployed simply because I don't like there games!

schlanz2682d ago

I didn't think much of the demo either, but then I went ahead and played the actual game today and was glued for a good 4 hours. The demo is only a demo. The game is actually pretty good, I like it a lot better than torchlight and sacred. Until Diablo 3 comes along this will be a decent placeholder.