Codies ends PC, PS3 GRID online play

Some Race Driver: GRID players are no longer able to play online, Codemasters has confirmed.

The UK publisher has discontinued online play for the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the 2008 racer.

The Xbox 360 version, however, remains unaffected.

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Terarmzar2682d ago

I like this game... they should make a Grid 2.

Pintheshadows2682d ago

I hope GRID2 is next for Codies. I could pop up there and ask.

Bereaver2682d ago

They shouldn't stop online after only 3 years. Most games have die hard fans that will play for at least 5. I mean, they should at least continue over until next gen arrives.

Septic2682d ago

Massively underrated game. The drifting was so much fun.

bumnut2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I liked it but hated the way you could host a game on a track of your choice, then everyone would vote and change it!

If you host the game, you should be in control!

I also hated idiots driving the wrong way and destroying your car.

creeping judas2682d ago

I suppose this is the only reason P2P is better than having dedicated servers??

FAGOL2682d ago

Surely developers can switch to P2P after. Stopping online play altogether is just disappointing for fans.

ChronoJoe2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Actually these games are P2P but they still need to run servers for users to connect to when they go on the online component itself, as well as stuff like matchmaking servers and stat tracking.

Race Driver GRID is Peer to Peer.

FAGOL2682d ago

Huh I thought it used dedicated servers. That's a bit odd why would they take them servers offline? Was it that costly to them? Alot of old games that used P2P are still working today.

Or maybe there arn't many players online anymore?

ExitToExisT2682d ago

u sir are correct most of the console games use p2p connection but they still need servers

ChronoJoe2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Well in this case Codemasters didn't seem to mind paying for the hosting, but the 3rd party they hosted with didn't want to extend the hosting contract.

Which would mean that they'd need to setup the servers again, with another company. Whilst continued hosting wouldn't have been expensive setting up new servers, with another company just to have MP working on an old game, seems like a lot of hassle.

The reason the 360s servers are still up is that they are hosted with microsoft (I think) either that, or with another company.

green2682d ago

Got the game on XBL in April and its a good game. Online is alright but not worth loosing sleep over.

Fragger2k82682d ago

That kind of sucks, I liked popping this in to play online once in a while. =\ I guess I won't be able to do that now.

Hopefully they'll give us a Grid 2 in the near future.