Portal 2 PC Motion Control Levels Out

A new Portal 2 map pack has been released, adding six new test chambers designed to be played with the Razer Hydra motion controller.

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subtenko2683d ago

Alright....but if there isnt ps move support..then WTF....

I mean sony even started that program months ago where the ps move is not open source or w/e and you can put it on PC.

newn4gguy2683d ago

Agreed. I want Move support!

Baka-akaB2683d ago

all we need are proper drivers , modders will do the rest

newn4gguy2683d ago

Agreed. We have drivers for the DS3. Why not for Move controllers yet?

aquamala2683d ago

Wonder what's in these levels that would require the controller

Pandamobile2683d ago

There's puzzles where you have to resize blocks to bridge gaps.