Have Sony turned a PR disaster into a PR triumph? (part one)

Critical Gamer writes: The disaster, of course, is the major PSN security breach. The triumph… is going to be difficult to evaluate until the end of the current fiscal year. What began as damage limitation could end up as a dramatic reversal of fortunes, due to a combination of smart decisions and pure luck.

First: the damage. When the PlayStation Network was taken down worldwide, that was bad enough; consumers were frustrated, and every minute meant untold dollars worth of lost revenue. A comment that hinted at an ‘outside intrusion’ was posted by an official at the PlayStation Blog, though this comment was swiftly removed. Eventually, it was admitted that Sony had taken PSN down themselves while they investigated what turned out to be the work of a hacker. Sony believed it was possible that user data including names, passwords, addresses, and credit card details had been stolen. Many amongst consumers and media alike were forthright in their anger. Why had so many days passed without this being announced?

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Urmomlol2869d ago


I wouldn't expect anyone who knows nothing about PR to understand, but Sony still has tons of work to do in order to regain their customer's trust. A few months and one E3 conference won't do that, especially when Tretton's apology wasn't received all that well by the media.

Shanks2869d ago

"especially when Tretton's apology wasn't received all that well by the media."

Yes it was.
Pathetic troll.

D R Fz2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Here comes the Fanboys...

Personally I think Sony's doing a great job with the recovery efforts.

M-Easy2868d ago

I trust them 100% I think they did/are doing a great job.

DarkTower8052868d ago

Especially with all these other companies getting hacked recently I think a lot more people are seeing how well Sony handled it, and are a bit more sympathetic now. Of course, there will still be those who still bash Sony, and those will remain pathetic.

BubbleSniper2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

did Microsoft ever give an apology the way Tretton did for their RROD/e74/Launch Disc Scratching, Urmomlol?

death2smoochie2868d ago

Well for RROD they did with over one billion in costs for extended warranties.
That's a lot better than just saying:
"I am Sorry.."
As for the rest you mentioned, they did not say anything...
But neither did Sony last generation with DRE, EVEN when they got sued and settled the lawsuit.
So it goes to show you major corporations only apologize when its absolutely the last possible option for them. :P

PJF_Josh2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

That wasn't an apology, that was a last ditch effort to head off the growing number of class action lawsuits.

Don't you remember how long it took them to even admit there was a problem even when they clearly knew about it during the manufacturing process?

This was all detailed in a great article written in the aftermath here:

DragonKnight2868d ago

Your name fits your comment oh so well. Sony has more than made up for what happened, no one who matters (read: actual PSN users and not fake ones or trolls) lost confidence in Sony, and they have nothing left to prove.

Xof2868d ago

Agreed. The PSN store is still down in JAPAN, of all places: Sony will have a hard time recovering from this, it'll probably take years.

Nitrowolf22868d ago

Japan is already to be launched. Everything on Sony end is pretty much done, it's the government that is prohibiting them from launching the store.

Dead_Cell2868d ago

Er, Japanese players in MAG say hi.

Stewie2k82868d ago

Just looking at your user name, i already see you have the mind of a 12 year old. (probably are)

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solidworm2868d ago

incredible turnaround is pretty much down to the fact that the vast majority do not bother with the web and all the hit generating bullshit we endured for a month.Only fanboys and trolls made a big deal of this while the rest of us got on with PLAYING GAMES.

DragonKnight2868d ago


Simco8762868d ago

Remember N4G is a fanboy's battleground... we are just spectators.

Jihaad_cpt2868d ago

I would think they have and I did PR, to be fair that class was boring...

DJMarty2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Move on, just another dumb site in need of hits.

So they resort too slagging off another high profile brand, and reusing old news.

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