EA confirms astonishing Battlefield 3 screens are in-game

After the reveal of five incredible Battlefield 3 screens yesterday, FPS Tribe contacted EA for confirmation of whether or not they were actually in-game | FPS Tribe

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I_find_it_funny2864d ago

I hope next gen consoles will be like that

shovelface882864d ago

You could always invest in a PC. Then you never have to worry about what "next gen consoles will be like" because you can play everything maxed with 1-2 minor upgrades per year.

death2smoochie2864d ago

Based on you ID name, you LIE.
Anyways as stated DICE has always stated they do not use CGI or pre rendered images to showcase their games.
This has been confirmed by the developers, EA and others.
Maybe ps3bestever you're upset that a certain company likes to showcase its games USING CGI trailers and trying to pass it off as IN GAME :p

JLeVRT2864d ago

Its the PC version, obviously :/
I wish the consoles could do that, BUT we'll have to wait till next gen.

Jio2864d ago

Well PC games are amazing but they take constant strides forward that are small. When the next gen consoles appear they will make these screens seem obsolete. I'm not saying Console games are better, I play both, but you know what no PC will be able to match with next gen consoles for a while

caboose322864d ago


I think thats a load of BS. Even when the last gen of consoles came out, most games still looked even the slightest amount better on the pc. You are never going to get the MOST out of a console when its first released.

When the next gen comes out, there will be hardware for pc that will match or even surpass that of the console, although it will be very expensive at first.

Jio2863d ago

Well, we'll have to wait and see until the next gen consoles start showing up.

caboose322863d ago

No we wont have to wait and see. It's absolutely fact. For a console to come out with the absolute TOP tech at that time it would cost WELL over a $1000. the top graphics card out right now is over $700!, and thats just the gpu. Think about it sometime why dontchya.

Jio2863d ago

Why are most PC gamers so defensive? I play games for fun, I don't always care about power. Sure I'll be getting this on PC but that's because I know I'll have the most fun on it, not because it has the best graphics.

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tdrules2864d ago

they're in-game, confirmed by a developer on twitter who said there was a fair bit of tesselation which would indicate its the PC version

Fishy Fingers2864d ago

Indicate? I think it's pretty obvious its PC.

metsgaming2864d ago

and they still have months of polish omg

KingDustero2864d ago

If Dice really does want to beat CoD then they HAVE to start showing the console versions more often. CoD is biggest on the consoles. Having an AMAZING PC version of BF3 won't affect CoD at all.

I have a bad feeling BF3 isn't going to sell well on the consoles since they keep focusing on just the PC version.

shovelface882864d ago

Do you realize that BC2 is played most on PC? Devs themselves said it.

Battlefield is a HUGE franchise on PC, and I guarantee you it will sell like crazy. DICE wouldn't have built the PC version from the ground up in DX11 if they didn't strongly believe it would sell.

On the subject of the consoles, it's still early. They have several months to show of the console version, but right now, they probably aren't ready to be fully unveiled. Give DICE some time.

DICE doesn't care about beating Call of Duty. EA does. EA reps are the ones screaming about beating CoD, not the DICE devs themselves. They just want to make great games.

ForTheFallen2864d ago

PC Battlefield 3 is Battlefield 3. Console offshoots, while they look almost as nice and make money, are not the origins or inspiration of the game.

TheOtherTheoG2862d ago

Battlefield is a PC franchise. Hell, until Bad Company, it was a PC exclusive franchise. Bad Company 2 sold slightly more, and is played a lot more, on the PC. Sure, focusing on showing PC footage might not get them the sales to beat CoD, but DICE would rather stick to their roots as a PC series than abandon it all together and chase on the heels of CoD, in which case there's the chance they might become the monster they're trying to defeat, they'd rather focus on showing the consumer the best version of the game, the true quality of the game.

Besides, it's a better marketing strategy showing the prettiest version the most often, and putting a 'PC' tag on the bottom - you would rather, if you were making an advert for Ferrari, flatter them with the $200,000 version of the car in the knowledge that most people are going to buy the cheaper model, than showing the $100,000 version and making less of an impression on the consumer.

mendicant2864d ago

That is unreal. I can't wait to pick this up on my 360. However, I might just get it on pc. I haven't purchased a pc game in decades but now might be the time.

chasegarcia2864d ago

Is not going to look unreal on 360. Get pc version.

Fishy Fingers2864d ago

Let's be honest, it's only going to look like that on 1% of PCs.

AllroundGamer2864d ago

and i will buy such a PC just before the game releases :)

Baka-akaB2864d ago

let's be honest too , some pc have no business wishing to play the latest and most advanced fps , either way ..

pr0digyZA2864d ago

This is the crysis 1 game of this year (witcher 2 as well) you upgrade so that you can run it, and then once that has happened your set for another 4 years or more of PC gaming.

hiredhelp2864d ago

Fishy Fingers
Let's be honest, it's only going to look like that on 1% of PCs.

were you get them figures from.?

Theonetheonly2864d ago

more than 1%

a good 45% is a more fair assumption.

shovelface882864d ago

They said they are running the game completely maxed on a single GTX 580. By the time this game comes out those will be very cheap. Not to mention that most people will turn a couple of settings down and be fine.

DICE themselves have said that if you had a PC capable of running BC2, that it would definitely run BF3.

Also, don't pull fake statistics out of your arse.

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