Rumor: New PS3 revision coming, new copy protection along with BD-J for BD-3D

According to a well-placed industry source who wishes to remain anonymous, developers were recently notified that a new revision of the PlayStation 3 is in the testing process that will feature a new copy protection system not on the motherboard but inside the BD-ROM drive itself, similar to the Xbox 360.

Presumably this would at least prevent these newer consoles from running copied games with an additional layer of authentication. It’s likely that there will be some kind of watermark on genuine PlayStation 3 discs that the drive is looking for. All of these measures are in response to the acquisition of the PS3 root encryption key earlier this year (2011) by hacker GeoHot which allows unlicensed code to be run on the PlayStation without restriction.

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ksense2682d ago

hmmm sounds interesting. unfortunately Piracy can be controlled but never be totally stopped.

chaos-lockheart2682d ago

i think it can, if they had a way to make games to have huge chunks of data, people wouldn't want to upload then download.

limewax2682d ago

They already tried that actually, KZ3 was a good example. bloated up to almost 50gb but the people uploading it knew how to strip it back down to half of that

Heartnet2682d ago


Yeh true dat haha BUt wasnt KZ3's huge size due to its 3D counterpart which they removed wchich got rid of like 10-20g or sumin haha

MakiManPR2681d ago

Hmmm... Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III are 40GB+ and people keep uploading and downloading them.

hakis862681d ago

Too bad they they already have like 50 million PS3s out there that doesn't have this... My point is it might be a bit late?

RankFTW2681d ago

With many people having super fast cable connections now it's not that much of a problem, but down with piracy I say.

AAACE52681d ago

@Chaos... Not a chance! People will go out of their way for something they can get free!

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newhumanbreed2682d ago

I wish they could find a way to make Blu-ray discs load faster.

gamingdroid2682d ago

That is a hardware issue and even if they made it faster on recent hardware refresh, it wouldn't affect older units. Not something a developer or anyone else can rely on....


''According to a well-placed industry source who wishes to remain anonymous'' .....

r212682d ago

right on Sony! fight against piracy >:D
pirates and jailbreakers be damned!

BubbleSniper2682d ago

5 pirates disagree, ARRRRRR!!

r212682d ago

and or jailbreakers hahahaaha

Iroquois_Pliskin2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

u mean... him!?

Venjense2682d ago

I hope it's slimmer, has more USB ports and is shiny again.

TheOldOne2682d ago

Nah the shiny ones are dust magnets, they look nice though.

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The story is too old to be commented.