Gears of War 3: 'We'd like to rival Halo online'

CVG: Epic Games doesn't believe that Gears Of War 3 can challenge Call of Duty in terms of popularity online - but it reckons it can challenge fellow MS franchise Halo.

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The Meerkat2866d ago

"Bleszinski said he'd "die" if his latest shooter managed to clear ten million sales"

So if I had $60million dollars to spend I could kill Clify B.

The Meerkat2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Damn decimal point.
It's $600 million.

Oh well, I guess you can live to fight another day Clify B.

But if your game only cost $6 you'd have been a dead man.

TheDareDevil2866d ago

For that, you need a bucket-load of maps, hundreds of game types, constant updates, community support, insane vehicles, and a FUN factor.
If Epic can get that, then yes it's possible

no_more_trolling2866d ago

i enjoy gears online more than halo

Venjense2866d ago

Gears 2 had the most bugged MP I've ever experienced, they should just focus on making it run smooth.

jrbeerman112866d ago

They did, as proven by beta. Cant wait.

towelie12882866d ago

love halo and gears cant wait for gears 3 and halo ce hd

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