World’s first BF3 PS3 vs PC footage

The game looks great on the PS3, but how it stack up against the impressive PC version?

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immortal842682d ago

the game will look great on consoles.

SilentNegotiator2682d ago

I like how this video is in stunning 360p and each piece of footage is about 100p the way they're squished in.

aksmashh2682d ago

Just watched some of the videos and i can't believe people are complaining.

It might not be Uncharted 3 but it looks really good and good step up from Bad Company 2

biloz2682d ago

thanks for your efforts, waiting for more consoles footage :)

hardcore19122682d ago

They haven't shown a lot of the PS3 version. But anyway it looks great. PC version will rule.

belal2682d ago

looks great!!!!

Uncharted vs bf3 graphics award on consoles :P

death2smoochie2682d ago

Two different games altogether with different art styles.
Different game rendering engines.
Comparing the two is silly even for graphics.

hesido2682d ago

Good luck comparing uncharted with anything then, they have their own engine. Art style is different, yes, but from your viewpoint, you can only compare frostbite games to frostbite games, unreal engine games to unreal engine games etc etc. That's not how it works.

Bereaver2682d ago

I agree, that's kind of silly saying that you can't judge graphics because of different engines. You might as well say that you can't judge them by different consoles/pc's as well. All are comparable, it just depends on what terms.

Kyur4ThePain2682d ago

Stop yapping. Nobody can heat what you're saying and it's just bloody distracting.

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The story is too old to be commented.