Wii U hardware “quite powerful”, says Sega Dev

BeefJack: "The Wii U will “be a good platform to develop for,” say Sega MD of Development Gary Dunn, explaining that “we’re finding it to be quite powerful” – and that they would be looking to take advantage of its unique features."

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Samus HD2678d ago

i more like it to be instead of "quite powerful" > "VERY powerful"

Achtung2678d ago

It is very powerful...

jacksonmichael2678d ago

Synonyms are hard sometimes. Lol.

darthv722678d ago

to the point where our expectations and the hardware developers will never see eye to eye.

We are expecting the next gen systems to have the power of the current PC's. 6-8 core cpus and quad core gpus with dedicated 4gb of memory on top of internal system memory of 8gb+ and terabyte hard drives.

So when we get specs that dont meet those expectations we get mad and voice our opinions without thinking of the bigger picture.

Its about cost over a period of time. PC's over a period of time are capable of being upgraded. Consoles are not that way. Looking back at tech in the ps2 we can see that it is the same hardware now as it was then and the games have been the ones to get upgrades.

It shows a developers ability to grow beyond limits put in place by hardware. Instead of being lazy and relying on the hardware, they are relying on their own skills in tricking the hardware to do stuff you couldnt think possible.

Controversy2678d ago

Cool. Now let me use two touch-screens at once, give me a HDD (160 gig would be enough), and let me play my Blu-ray/DVD library on it and...

BAM!! I'll buy one.

My Wii had some great games...but generally gathered dust for not having the above. Nintendo, I believe in you; make it happen!

death2smoochie2678d ago

If the rumored specs are correct then it IS very powerful in comparison to the PS3 and Xbox360

GamersRulz2678d ago

It must be, but I think that nintendo didn't finalize the specs, that's why there is no clear answer yet.
even Raggie wasn't clear when asked about the power of WiiU, he only said that it can output 1080p!!

matey2678d ago

very very powerful sega

mshope102678d ago

i hope everyone keeps saying Wii U is weak and not powerful enough!!because with the hardware specs not final i think nintendo will feel the pressure to make it as powerful as they can within a reasonable price piont.

they know they don't want to fall behind again. all this trash talk should shove them in the right direction.they aleady are giving the devs better development kits. i bet they would of just stayed where they were at but now they know the people want graphics a decent bump above 360 and all that hating helps keep the Wii U in peoples minds. cause there's more nintendo hate articles everyday than any other article on n4g.and the hating shows nintendo they need decent power.

even though i would be happy with ps3 level graphics cause just seeing what nintendo could do with it would be amazing!

TheViper2678d ago

The only people calling it weak are people who don't know what they are talking about.

They still think that consoles have to rely on DirectX for modern shaders.

Darrius Cole2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

This position is not sustainable. What about games like Resident Evil 5 and Modern Warfare that require a split-screen for the multi-player. Are we supposed to play that with a Wii-mote?

This decision is not going to hold out until the console release. This like the time before the PS3 released when, Sony said that some PS3's would not have standard hard drives and some of them would not play HDCP protected discs.

I say again, this position is not sustainable if Nintendo wants to compete in the hardcore market this time. Either 1)there will be a new "ordinary controller" to go along with the "big-screen controller," or 2)they will allow the use of two "big-screen controllers"; or 3) they will once again not be taken seriously by the hardcore market.

Edit: Forgive me. I put this post in the wrong thread. I meant to comment on the thread about about the WiiU only allow one big-screen controller and 4 wii-motes.

pepsilover_20072678d ago

A game like that developers could easily use the classic controller instead

Seijoru2678d ago

The classic controller sucks.

pepsilover_20072678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

@seijoru have u used the classic controller pro b4 it almost exactly like the ps3 controller

SinnedNogara2678d ago

Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls for fps games are much better than standard controls. Nuff said.

Ulf2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

The Wii U has the potential to be powerful.

Given that it's using the Power 7 series, it could be really fast... but I would wager that, in order to keep heat down in that tiny case, it will be woefully underclocked, until the process size can be reduced to 32nm or less (IBM has stated that the current chip dies are 45nm).

Such a plan actually perfectly compliments the Nintendo paradigm. Release a console, then release a minor upgrade 2 years later, rinse, repeat...

There's nothing stopping Nintendo from releasing the Wii U with a 1.2 GHz quad core Power 7 (which is a far more powerful chip than it sounds like, due to a large L3 cache), and bumping the clock to 1.8 GHz in 2 years time via firmware updates, while they release a 32nm version of the Wii U... also causing many older Wii U's to overheat and die, after their warranty has expired. Evil? Sure. Whatever. Didn't stop MS from releasing before the 360 was ready, did it?

Also, it makes it seem as though the developers are "learning the console" and their games magically improve (see: PSP, which started at 222 MHz and now runs at 333), and appear to be on-par with more modern consoles (PSP vs 3DS, much like Wii U vs XBox 1080 in a couple years)

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