Modern Warfare 3 "will be a really good game" says EA

EA CEO, John Riccitiello, might have just conceded the battle for the FPS crown recently when he admitted that he thinks that Modern Warfare 3 "will be a really good game".

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iamnsuperman2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

"might have just concede the battle for the FPS crown recently when he admitted that he thinks that Modern Warfare 3 "will be a really good game"." well not necessarily but at least EA are acting a bit more maturely than the childish dribble that has been coming out lately.

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rabidpancakeburglar2862d ago

Yeah, definitely not, it just means that he thinks it will be good. He doesn't imply that the game will be anywhere near as good as Battlefield.

Catatafish2862d ago

"I think that in a weird way it's starting to feel a little to me like the Disneyland abstraction of a war game - a little bit jump the shark."

I lol, sigh COD.

lil Titan2862d ago

after reading that article, John Riccitiello basically said MW3 is gonna be like a low buget war film where as our game is something like a Michael Bay film

gamingdroid2862d ago

Here I thought EA had eaten the humble pie, instead he spent it telling me how he thinks BF3 is going to be better.

"I think there's a lot of things to like about our product and I think it's going to be a great battle." -JOHN RICCITIELLO, CEO ELECTRONIC ARTS

I know I don't like PAYING for ONLINE PASS if any other member of my family wants to play online. Thanks, but NO THANKS EA!

hiredhelp2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

humble pie are you kidden. A engine and game taken 5 years. witch looks great on all platforms by the way. isnt about to just roll over to activision.

As dice did state two type of games.

i do agree about the online pass it sucks and many following suite. but no worse than activision with overpriced DLC and now some kinda subscription witch we dont really know full extent of. witch was changed to certan things becomming free once they saw battlefields battlelog and what they were gonna offer.

yes there will be a war between activision and EA. buttt im kinda loving it.

TheBossMan2862d ago

I read this as:

"My retarded second-cousin is still special in his own little way..."

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Sam Fisher2862d ago

omg lmao lmao, i wasnt going to sign in, but i had to. bubbles + for you

led10902862d ago

Its called appreciating the competition you moron, and its the only way to actually get better at what you do.

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