Xbox 360 in Japan; 1.5 million sold

TVGB: "Microsoft has managed to crawl past a new sales mark in Japan, Japanese site Wazap reports."

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slavish32866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

good job m$. no hate. That is really good for an american company here other then apple. Also kinect helped

sinncross2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Really good for an American company in Japan?

Last I recall Apple's iphone and ipad were doing pretty well in the Japanese market, far more so then MS's gaming console is doing.

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jony_dols2866d ago

He has 3 times as many bubbles as you....

Somehow I doubt he is a troll. Actually your bubble count is in minus figures, and your ignored by 8, and tracked by 0. Troll.

mac_sparrow2866d ago

You call him a troll, yet your comment stands currently at 22 minutes ago. His at 20 minutes ago. Your edit stands at 13 minutes ago and your post calling him a troll at 12 minutes ago.

gamingdroid2866d ago

I base a troll on his comments, not necessarily bubbles. As far as I can tell, there was no trolling from slavish3.

RedDevils2866d ago

both trolls talking down to each other, haha priceless :D

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Baka-akaB2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

and coca , and mcdonald , and kfc , and plenty other brands of various sectors ...

I gotta ask did you at least went there once ? Not to be insulting but we often hear that kind of argument from folks who never set a foot there .

It's a decent milestone , possibly good even , i just dont agree with making it sounds like such an impossible achievement

darthv722866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

those brands you mentioned are established from many many years (decades).

We could even say windows as a brand has done very well over there. Xbox as a brand has not and this is due to the continued dedication of the japanese "gamer" to stand by their own.

We can not equate one (or several) american brands with this. Xbox has been fighting a battle with stereotypes and bad press throughout the world. For them to get to this point in a market dominated by japanese gaming companies is success to them.

The rest of us could point and laugh but I am reminded of the first time a new company starts off against the regulars. You have to give credit to the under dogs.

gamingdroid2866d ago

What other American (or otherwise foreign) game console do well in Japan?

Traditionally, Japanese gamers always bought Japanese products.

Are there even any foreign games to Japan that sell well in Japan?

death2smoochie2866d ago

Those brands are "pop" culture products and its different. Not the same comparison at all.
Electronics outside of Apple made by an American company normally sell poorly in Japan.
For the Xbox360 to sell this number is impressive.
Personally I would never have thought the Xbox brand would sell even half that many in Japan to be honest

Newtype2866d ago

Apple is probably the most successful company in Japan.

showtimefolks2866d ago

both sony and ms will do a lot better in japan along with their motion controllers

banned_nope2866d ago

stop dreaming son, even if wii is in decline, the weekly sales of wii is more than double the sales of 360. 360 is totally irrelevant in japan.

ps3 kick their asses both.

showtimefolks2866d ago

and i am a die hard sony fan. I don't thin k i said anywhere i expect xbox360 to out sell wii or ps3 all i said was it will do better

with kinect doing well and i think there is a monster hunter game for xbox360 due out or already out so that should also help

I just gae my opinion on the matter that's all

fei-hung2866d ago

looks like their efforts have paid off to an extent. good on MS. fanboys need to learn to give credit where credit is due!

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Sven Benoit2866d ago

I LOVE my xbox but this is sad....

NYC_Gamer2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

why is it sad?have you lost any stock in the process.

[email protected]

there is no need to be sad/worried about some multi-billion dollar company that only view us as walking profit

Sven Benoit2866d ago

No, I didn't lose stock but the fact that they only sold that many in Japan is terrible. Thats like less then 200,000 a year

banned_nope2866d ago

totally understandable when the thing launched without competition almost a decade ago.

THWIP712866d ago

You obviously have no clue what a decade is. :o

RedDevils2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

@THWIP71 did you not see what he wrote, "almost" a decade ago, don't try to act smart when you're not smart enough lol

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Jocosta2866d ago

I wonder if MS will still continue to dump money on that market next gen?

banned_nope2866d ago

i hope not. the 360 will always be a US and UK product. i say they should just invest on that areas to avoid sales disasters that will affect their image as a company even more.

VampiricDragon2866d ago

and people are complaing about the 3ds doing it in 13 weeks when it launched during a non holiday...........

People need to learn how japan works

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