Valve Prepares a Free-To-Play Game - Rumor

According to a French video Game website Valve's Doug Lombardi would have answered they are developing a F2P game. It would explain the arrival of Free-to-play games on Steam these days: to prepare the gamers for a Valve's made F2P game.

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WhiteLightning2732d ago


Valve does this, Valve announce DOTA2, Valve prepares this

Where is Half life 3, it's like you guys are doing everything else but that

BeastlyRig2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

People really need to stop b!tching about half life 3!

Until Source engine 2 comes I don't wan't to see HL3!

I say let them work on their master piece no rushing!
this is not some console devs that will pump out games every year for a check!

look at BF2 it has been years since..

Until then Dota2 ftw!

WhiteLightning2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

and people need to stop b*tching about the Source engine 2

Valve said they aren't working on it, they want to keep upgrading the engine they have now, like how they improved it with Portal 2.

Fair enough work on a master piece but your trying to say they can't give us any info on it or even officaly announce it.

radphil2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

"Where is Half life 3, it's like you guys are doing everything else but that"

And then when they announce that, and they announce a far off date, people will complain about that.

Then complain about why there isn't enough info. Then complain that it didn't live up to the hype somehow.

People complain why games are being pumped out so fast, and yet they want to be needy on getting info of other games.

WhiteLightning2732d ago

People could be hyped up for a game with or without info and in the end they could still say it didn't live up to the hype so what you've said dosen't make sense.

Yeah people only usualy complain when a game gets made in like a year. Look at Uncharted 2 which came out in 2009, the thrid game is coming out in 2011...that's two years. It's only the games which get made in a year like for example Call of Duty that people really complain about.

radphil2732d ago

"People could be hyped up for a game with or without info and in the end they could still say it didn't live up to the hype so what you've said dosen't make sense. "

You realized that falls under what I just said right?

deadoralive13372732d ago

Patience is a virtue my friend. Valve will do Half Life 3, but just be patient and you'll get it. Enjoy their other great games.

Bimkoblerutso2732d ago

Valve got themselves into this in the first place. People have every right to be angry that this game is taking as long as it is (or being pushed to the back burner, more likely) when they left us with a HUGE cliffhanger in the second episode.

We're stuck smack dab in the middle of a story arc because they made the ridiculous decision to divide the franchise into episodes to begin with. Now instead of the quick resolution that another episode could provide, we've been waiting for four years with no indication that they're really even at work on it.

FPSTime2732d ago

and reading such post: confirms the rumor!

Ducky2732d ago

So they're making another free to play game? O.o

ATiElite2732d ago

Hell yeah! Alien Swarm was pretty cool for a totally free game.

Ducky2732d ago

Was a bit too short-lived.
I don't know why Valve keeps using the atrocious L4D-style mod system instead of the older TF2/CS type system where you can join a custom game, and any missing files would be auto-matically download.
Managing all those add-ons manually is too much of a hassle.

Has there been any good custom campaigns for AlienSwarm?

Theo11302732d ago

Stop whining "wheres my HL3", it will come when valve is ready, now stfu.

Theo11302732d ago

Not really, I just get tired of seeing the same thing everytime there is a story on Valve, "where Hl3". It's not like they aren't working on it...use your heads for a sec, dumbassess

Mista T2732d ago

I know right, it's like they think Valve dedicates all there resources at once toward a single title. I'm sure they are working on more than one thing which includes Half Life 3, this, DOTA 2, and maybe another L4D.

OhMyGandhi2732d ago

off topic: who is that guy in the logo? I've always wondered that.
both logos, actually.

on topic: I've never played the first DOTA, is that a good game?

Ducky2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I think they just took images from random people.
There's an article somewhere on the net about it's backstory.

One has a valve on the head (open your mind?)
another has a valve on the eye (open your eyes?)

EDIT: Quick google search: http://forums.steampowered....

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