Alwight? (Haze Vehicle Blog)

Here is a blog post from a unnamed haze developer.It talks about the vehicles in haze.

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sonarus4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

sweet vehicles now if the online could only support more than 16ppl. :(. Am stuck between getting COD4 and haze i could get both but i am not to sure bout either of them. COD4 has haze beaten hands dwn in the visual department however the nectar gameplay elements and these vehicles could make for some pretty fun online gameplay

Kleptic4870d ago

I thought free radical said it would have 24 players online?...can't remember where I heard that though...

EDIT: 2 posts down apparently...he beat me to it...

eXplotion4871d ago

that serpent tooth is soooo badass OMG

Blasphemy4870d ago

Haze is going to have 24 players online.

Skerj4870d ago

Man those vehicles look freaking sweet, man this is going to be fighting Warhawk for my online multiplayer time for sure.

solidt124870d ago

Wow the vehicles make me want to buy the game. I really want to like this game. I just need to see more game footage and more about the story, and more about the multiplayer. I hear it will have 4 player online and off which is good to hear.

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