Assassin's Creed for Xbox 360 Confirmed

The 360 Magazine has a World Exclusive Preview of the Xbox 360 version of Assassin's Creed.

In the Magazine's Official Website, there's a small image of the new issue. However, somebody at the forums managed to get the full version of the cover:

But it doesn't end here. The agony for a conclusive confirmation has just got to insane levels when IGN had an "Exclusive Preview" of the Game with screenshots included just minutes ago which was "mysteriously" removed from the website and which url never worked. The main Xbox 360 section featured a Flash Cover stating that they had official confirmation of the Xbox 360 version alongside with new screenshots for Microsoft's Console. It was reported in forums all around: 

Also Electronic Gaming Monthly confirms that Assassin's Creed is coming to Xbox 360 in their October issue.

Something smells here... and it smells really good!

Update: Ubisoft today finally revealed that its anticipated game Assassin's Creed will be coming to the Xbox 360, as many had suspected. The announcement comes a day after the publisher admitted the game would be headed for the PC.

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Jay da 2KBalla5869d ago

I knew I wasnt the only one who caught that Ign confirmation. Bout time Assasins Creed had been confirmed for 360 especially since everybody knew it was coming out for it anyway.

HyperBear5869d ago

Its not official, i dont hear ubisoft making a press announcement and a Ubisoft designer actually saying that the game is coming to the Xbox 360, but I and everyone else knows that it will be coming to the 360, but until "Ubisoft confirmation", i still put it as a PS3 title.

Jay da 2KBalla5869d ago

Yea whatever sony fanboy. Assasins Creed is for 360 so you can put it as whateva you want but its still coming for 360. Why do you care so much? Its still going to be on ps3.

HyperBear5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

You dumb, english failing [email protected] I dont know if you read completely, I said I know this game is coming to the XBox 360 DUMBASS. I just said, all that has been out is magazines saying it and websites saying that it is coming to the 360. We all know that it will eventually, but right now, it is only a PS3 title until the 360 logo appears on it. WOW UR SO DUMB. Plus you dont have a 360, so why the fuk do you care. And Plus, how am i a sony fanboy when i have a Xbox 360, and i plan on supporting it more than the PS3. You really are an illiteriate [email protected]

Aquanox5869d ago

They even had screenshots inside!
I bet they posted it too early or did something that pissed off Ubisoft or Microsoft.

specialguest5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

Ubisoft is one smart company. first they make AC an "exclusive", then they dangle AC infront of 360 owners to get their mouth watering. deny AC just to make it much more irresistible. finally, they grant AC to 360 owners.

maybe all the 360 fanboys were right after all, including THE MART! maybe it was actually running off of the 360 console!...if this is true, then my whole entire life was a lie....sigh

Jay da 2KBalla5869d ago

Yea whateva. All I know is I cant wait to play this game on my 360. Its going to be sweet.

Islandkiwi5868d ago

this is not going to be your day. Gamespot has confrmed with Ubi.

RuffRyder5868d ago

Just please ignore this retard called PS3Fan he is kens most favourite and #1 GIMP. so theres no point trying to talk sense to this fool.